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just in case you haven’t been told today…

April 29, 2010


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{Read…read…then read some more}

April 29, 2010

The failure to read good books both enfeebles the vision
and strengthens our most fatal tendency–
the belief that the here and now is all there is. 
–A. Bloom 

You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture.
Just get people to stop reading them.
–R. Bradbury

The person who deserves most pity is a lonesome one
on a rainy day who doesn’t know how to read.
–Benjamin Franklin

I’ve been labeled a ‘bookworm’ since I was a small child.  I love to read – always have and I always will.  Books are so emotional and beautiful plus full of incredible amounts of knowledge….and for such a cheap price!  My apartment is full of books and void of television.  (I have a television set but no cable and the stations don’t even work.) I hope it’s always that way.  Roald Dahl says it best — “So, please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install, a lovely bookcase on the wall.”  So I did….and the bookcase continues to fill with the most amazing types of literature.  Oh, it makes my heart happy just thinking on it. 

So, I’ve decided to post about books I’ve completed and ones I am in the process of reading.  I shall call it ‘You Should Read This’.  If you have suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them.

Which brings me to book #1:

I first heard of Timothy Keller from Josh White, the pastor of Door of Hope (a church in Portland that stole my heart and opened my eyes to the unconditional love and grace of Jesus.)  Here are a couple of quotes from this book that spoke to my soul in a personal way::

//In the book of Romans, Saint Paul wrote that one of the worst things God can do to someone is to “give them over to the desires of their hearts.”

If anyone puts a child in the place of the true God, it creates an idolatrous love that will smother the child and strangle the relationship.

The most painful times in our lives are times in which our idols are being threatened or removed.

God’s salvation does not come in response to a changed life.  A changed life comes in response to the salvation, offered as a free gift.

To the degree that you grasp the gospel, money will have no dominion over you.

The human heart’s desire for a particular valuable object may be conquered, but its need to have some such object is unconquerable.

When love of one’s people becomes an absolute, it turns into racism.  When love of equality turns into a supreme thing, it can result in hatred and violence toward anyone who has led a privileged life.

We become like what we worship.//

There are so many true statements in this book!  I can’t write them all out because I don’t have time, you should read it for yourself, and it’s probably illegal. 

I’m currently reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.  He’s also the author of Everything is Illuminated.  It’s a lovely book!! It’s hard to put down. 

Until next time….
(from a magical night on the Oregon coast – one of my all time favorite moments….ever)

PS – the book picture was found at and taken by Aline Smithson photography.

Las Vegas is super shiny (but not in a clean way)

April 28, 2010

Las Vegas:
an adult playland

(the Las Vegas strip:: taken with my iPhone)

Although, this adult will not be going back any time soon.  Was it the dirty Santa Clause look-a-like in the elevator who asked if I was tickelish or the loud drunk boys asking for “just 5 minutes” of our time that helped me realize Las Vegas isn’t my city of choice?

Don’t get me wrong.  I had an AMAZING time.  I worked all weekend and hung out with some fantastic people.  They made the trip memorable – not anything Vegas had to offer.  However, the lights did keep me mesmorized and I do want to catch every Cirque Du Soleil show that’s ever been in existence.  Oh yea, the food was really tasty as well…..and our hotel was gorgeous.  Now that I think about it, all of the hotels were gorgeous.  Fine, Vegas – maybe you weren’t so bad.  But I probably won’t spend tons of time (or $$) there.  I couldn’t figure out how to work the one slot machine I attempted to try plus the smoking inside makes my eyes sting.  Ouch!

Here are some iPhone pics from the weekend! I’ll learn to use a real camera one day.  But until that time:

(My fancy schmanzy hotel room: The Paris Hotel)
(The Paris Hotel lobby)
(stage shot of the event I worked all weekend – the reason I was in Vegas!)
(glittery, glittery, pretty Las Vegas strip:: outside the Bellagio)
(Bellagio fountain show:::so fun!!)
(ceiling in the Bellagio lobby::whoa!)
(my favorite part of the Bellagio flower garden)
(Caesar’s Palace::the pegasus! If only they were real….sigh)
(Pirate Show outside of Treasure Island)
(the sound of money being sucked away::can you hear it?)
(what sucked MY money away! ugh so good!! Burger from The Hash House)
(and crepes from The Paris hotel…..ohmygawsh!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So maybe I shouldn’t have been so hard on Las Vegas.  Yes, I realize I’m blessed beyond measure for the chance to travel and see the world.  It’s just not my favorite place….that’s all.  If you love it, then please share why because I just couldn’t fall under the spell.  I will admit to being hypnotized by those pretty lights….and that food!!  Oh that food……delishush.  My next trip will be to New York City! Hooray!! I’ll be there in a couple of weeks.  I’m planning on bringing the real camera this time.

I have no more to say about that.  xoxo
(taken by Daniel Davis::modified with my ShakeItPhoto app)

random ramblings

April 24, 2010

I’ve recently started writing down my thoughts immediately as they flow through my brain.  It’s a bit like that word association game.  You know the one….

I say blue:: you say the first thought
that comes to your mind.

Below are my candid thoughts, written at a coffee shop & another from an airport.  It’s fun, really.  I shall do it often.

March 25, 2010// Opening Bell Coffee, listening to the lovely Molly Jenson:

woke up early but didn’t want to…yummy chick fil a breakfast & a package pick up at the apartment office – full of pretty things like the moose in my living room & the shirt I’m wearing now…work was meeting, meeting, meeting, grapes & chocolate, & then another meeting…home! sigh…wrapped a wreath with yarn & ready to finish by adding flutterbys – pretty – my first attempt at a wreath…drove to the opening bell to listen to pretty music…I miss Brando…journal open & writing for the past two hours because that’s what you do when you’re alone at a coffee shop…which reminds me – where are my friends?…eh, I’m a loner – so it’s not too horrible…music, coffee, dim room, pretty, acoustic guitars, empty wine bottles left by the girls who asked to share my table, full tip jar, Jimi Hendrix, & fat tire…hand cramp – ow…barista with cool glasses – maybe because they’re like mine…Molly Jenson – should I say hi?…nervousness/self conscious thoughts setting in because that’s what happens with new people…but I love my shirt – it has a heart on it…and a bow in my hair…that is all.

(flutterby wreath ::love::)
(taken with my iPhone)

(Molly Jenson at The Opening Bell//far away iPhone picture)
PS – I did meet Molly after the show and she is just delightful!! Plus her music is fantastic and original and you will be hooked if you give it a listen.  Scouts honor. xoxo

April 22, 2010//DFW airport, waiting at the gate

sleepy eyes…listening to Electric President – they sing about stars & monsters…in the airport sitting at C25…waiting on my plane to Las Vegas…how do planes stay up? i wonder every time…work trip…no glittery gold dress for me…airports are funny…where are these people going? i don’t know how to say this, but that ladies fake tan is horribly unattractive…wait, all fake tans are unattractive…sitting beneath a power outlet with 5 ipods/iphones plugged in behind me…feel like i forgot something…crap, i did – my toothpaste…oh well, last time it was my deodorant & underwear…there’s a pacing cell phone talker in front of me…man, he’s been chatting forever but hardly saying anything…turn ipod up to drown out the noise…i want to check twitter…i always want to check twitter…i love twitter way too much…nope, i’m not checking it – this time…super tall man with tiny wife…i laugh because it’s kind of cute…feet propped up on laptop bag…why am i wearing heels? confession: i enjoy dressing up for the airport…i shower more for the airport than i do for work…super obnoxious & loud announcement – cringe…just checked twitter…dang it – no self control…hurry & charge up phone…i need to potty because there’s no way i’m going in that plane…awkward eye contact with the middle aged man in front of me, wearing denim from head to toe…ding!! text message – hooray! kid next to me opened a bag of gummy life savers…smells like pure sugar…he has a blackberry & his sister has an iphone…he got the short end of that stick…i feel humid – ew – i hate humid…texas, why are you so damp and gross? check facebook…3 notifications…yes! all notifications about other people’s comments on a status i liked…lame…consider deleting post because i hate those notifications…social media – you are my life…ew…never say that again…40 minutes until take off…phone at 99% battery…business suit, business suit, wheelchair, starbucks cup, no comment (because it was a rude thought), beard…nice, another suit? what in the world…cell phone talker…another cell phone talker…whoa – crazy hair…gate announcement – over booked flight…give up seat for $150 voucher…make it $300 & we’ll talk…100%…victory – i’m out.

(flying over the mountains//taken with iphone)
(my airplane drink of choice – iPhone pic)

(our Las Vegas hotel::beautiful Paris!! Taken with my iPhone)

Thank heavens for Pandora!

April 22, 2010

Pandora helps get me through the work day. I spend the majority of my time staring at a computer screen — it’s enough to make you nuts!! Thankfully, my Pandora station is like Christmas morning, full of surprises. I’ve made a playlist of my most recent musical finds. Enjoy!

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hello beautiful (& let’s not forget cheap)

April 20, 2010

::vintage:: the key to my heart.

Hardly a day goes by that I’m not wearing a thrift store or vintage treasure.  I just adore pretty things from days gone by.  Not to mention, I get so bored with malls and shopping centers. *puke* I will say living in north Dallas makes this hobby of mine slightly difficult BUT there’s always fun stuff to find….you just need to know where to look.  I’ve found some great spots in the Dallas area (and beyond). 

Here are some of my all time favorite vintage finds!! There are so many more but I’ll only share a few!  I put some handy little links and locations below some of the pics just in case you want to search out some on your own.  If you go, you should probably invite me. 

1970’s handmade needle work and shroom salt/pepper shakers – found at the Plano Antique Mall.  This place had some awesome finds!! Brandon got a dresser for $20 and some vintage coffee mugs for CrAzY cheap!

My new favorite place in Dallas to spend a Saturday afternoon is most def Dolly Python!  Packed with amazing things and great prices! Cha ching!! I found the fabric suitcase and both of the dresses there.  The 1970’s maxi dress was only $8 and has mushrooms all over it!! And it fits PERFECTLY! **sigh** Plus, if you visit on Saturday’s, you can meet the store psychic.  She’s actually pretty swell!

Leather satchel purse, vintage fabric, unicorn necklace, vintage frames (which now have real prescription lenses in them, thankyouverymuch), and some gorgeous fire engine red and knee high boots! Hooray! These were found at Pandemonium and Ahab Bowen in Dallas.  Pandemonium is slightly overwhelming at first but there are some awesome things in there.  Dig, dig, take a deep breath, then dig some more.  Ahab Bowen is so nice and neat and perfectly orderly — it makes my heart happy.

I found this button collection at Third Monday Trade Days in Mckinney!  Some of the selections were a bit ‘Cowboy Up’ for my liking…if you know what I mean.  However, there are lots of pretty antiques to browse through! I found these buttons (the picture shows about 1/3 of what I got) for only $8!! I have some pretty little projects in store for these. 

I adore this beautiful top.  ::ohmygoodness:: it’s perfect.  This wasn’t found in Dallas, but the pretty things that come from Elsie at Red Velvet Art are only a mouse click away.  I could browse her blog and store forever… fact, I visit daily!

I fell in love with this sundress in Austin, TX!! How I love that city.  Can I be there forever one day? Please?! (sorry Portland, I would never forget about you…Austin is 2nd place).  They have an entire map of all the vintage/antique stores! It’s nothing short of fantastic!! Check it out….The Vintage Around Town Guide.  It kept me busy for an entire weekend!! This kept me busy the rest of the time.  Taking pictures with my Canon AE1.  I’m learning how to use film :

(The Cathedral of Junk – taken by Daniel Davis)

(Daniel Davis Photography)

(taken by ME – with Daniel’s gear and instruction) *Im learning!!*

(Daniel Davis Photography!  However, I took this one of Daniel too – but he helped!)

Hopefully this will help inspire a shopping adventure in Dallas.  There’s a lot to find.  Oh – the jacket in this picture?  Yep, got it at a thrift store in Portland.  I can’t start on Portland now — that deserves a blog to itself. Love, love, love…..forever will I love thee.

Goodnight, goodnight.  I’m headed to Las Vegas on Thursday for the weekend!!! The real one (not ‘Trash Vegas’ featured above!)  I’ll probably post something between now and then….I’m liking this blog thing. 


a visit from nashville

April 12, 2010

This week is going to be SO fun!! I’m getting a much anticipated visit from this boy:

Any time that he’s around, I’m guaranteed to have a wonderful time.  The week will consist of vintage shopping, dancing, pretty music, cows in Pioneer Park, Pinkberry, building forts in my living room, building a pinhole camera, Brandon’s first visit to The Village Church, and lots of fun photography! Here are some pictures from my last visit to Nashville::


I’ll have lots of lovely things to post later on, but until then….

(last two images from

Happy Monday!!!

mountains & pretty music

April 7, 2010

Hooray for a new blog header!!

My dear friend Jamie made it (1 – b/c she’s awesome and 2 – I don’t know anything when it comes to photoshop!) She used the photo below. Brandon took this one day on a road trip along the Oregon coast.  He’s a wonderfully gifted photographer.  Check out his work.  It’s as easy as clicking his name.  (Ok, so that may have been obvious to some, but you never know.)

I also wanted to share some of the most amazing music videos I’ve seen.  They literally take my breath away.  So much imagination, life, beauty, and whimsical detail.  Enjoy!!

I have to run! One hour massage time.  Awww…..yes, it’s been a crazy week so this is much needed.  I’m heading to Billings, Montana tomorrow for a work trip!!! A new city to explore.  Many adventures ahead and another visit to my second home, DFW Airport.  I will be surrounded by beautiful mountains in no time.  Thanks to all of you guys/gals who read this.  Leave me your blog url and I’ll add it to my handy dandy blog roll.
xoxo, me

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puppy love

April 5, 2010

the most enchantingly beautiful creature and one day…

you will be mine.

(these darling pups were found on

Eye Patch & Easter Eggs

April 4, 2010
In my family, Easter has always been a time of celebration.  I look back to these holidays with a certain fondness.  Although they were all wonderful, the memories are very similar except for one year that sticks out from among the rest. 
The year…..of the eye patch. 
You see, I was misdiagnosed as having a lazy eye and spent a year or so modeling this ever so lovely (but horribly hot and sticky) eye patch.  I remember running through the yard with one eye trying to find as many easter eggs as I could before my little sister.  Notice that she had two perfectly good eyes, for the most part.
It would get so hot around that one covered eye!  I would sneak to parts of the yard hidden by my parents (who honestly wouldn’t have cared) to peel back a small piece of the eye patch so that air flow could make it’s way into that hot and sweaty sticker.  Gross, I know!  But come on, I was a kid in an eye patch.  Cut me some slack.  Thankfully, I was soon given permission to ditch that patch.  Horrid, horrid thing.  Oh, but it makes me laugh every time I see it!!
All that to say, Easter really does mean a lot to me.  One, because it’s a time of memories and tradition for my family.  To this day I still get an Easter basket and that… awesome.  And two, it’s a time to reflect on the goodness and saving grace of Jesus in my life.  A couple of years ago, I was sitting in my car and got an overwhelming desire to tell the Lord all that I loved about Him.  I think it’s important to remember and meditate on why we love Christ.  I quickly jotted down a  list and have added on things every year.  I would encourage everyone to take a few minutes and dwell on His goodness and record the first thoughts that come to mind.  There are so many beautiful and mysterious things that stir my affections towards Him.  Below are the first things I thought of in a reflective 10 minute period:
I love Him because
He made heaven forever and could have chosen to end it at 500 million years…He created the beginning and the end in which He has neither…He colors the sunsets for His children and also for the lost…because He loves the widow, the orphan, the lonely, the cruel, the terrorist, the priest, the broken, the scared, the sinner, the ones who hate Him and those who are dying for Him…because He created music and beauty…because i mess up everyday and He still gives me chances…because He quiets me with His love and rejoices over me with singing…He guides my path…because He makes time for me…because He is the only one who will ever know the real me, even the dark and cruel side, the face i hide from everybody else, but yet He chooses to love me anyway…He saved me when He could have been better off without me…because He is creative…the inventor of love, laughter, tears, sunshine, children, sound, color…because He allows me the blessing of being labeled His child…He never gives up…is life and also the giver of it…because He hates evil but died to save the wicked…because He gives me the very breath that keeps me living…He chose to give me a wonderful family but is a Father to those without…because He is jealous for my love and attention when He doesn’t really need me…because He made the cala lily and also the mountains…He crafted love and allows me to show it to others…dwells among the homeless and the wealthy…has no favorites…because i would be lost without Him and i know that He refuses to let me go even when i forsake Him…because i am His daughter, His beloved, His chosen, His princess, His servant…because He calls me to worship and grants me peace and joy when i do…because He leads me to pray and stops the world to hear what i have to say…because He makes loving Him a sacrifice so that i will be made more like Him…makes life worth living…because without Him i am nothing and with Him i have everything…because He has changed my life and i will never be the same…because i would give my very life again if He desired because in Him i find the only life worth living.
Happy Easter.
He Is Risen – and THAT is reason
enough for me to live.