hello beautiful (& let’s not forget cheap)

::vintage:: the key to my heart.

Hardly a day goes by that I’m not wearing a thrift store or vintage treasure.  I just adore pretty things from days gone by.  Not to mention, I get so bored with malls and shopping centers. *puke* I will say living in north Dallas makes this hobby of mine slightly difficult BUT there’s always fun stuff to find….you just need to know where to look.  I’ve found some great spots in the Dallas area (and beyond). 

Here are some of my all time favorite vintage finds!! There are so many more but I’ll only share a few!  I put some handy little links and locations below some of the pics just in case you want to search out some on your own.  If you go, you should probably invite me. 

1970’s handmade needle work and shroom salt/pepper shakers – found at the Plano Antique Mall.  This place had some awesome finds!! Brandon got a dresser for $20 and some vintage coffee mugs for CrAzY cheap!

My new favorite place in Dallas to spend a Saturday afternoon is most def Dolly Python!  Packed with amazing things and great prices! Cha ching!! I found the fabric suitcase and both of the dresses there.  The 1970’s maxi dress was only $8 and has mushrooms all over it!! And it fits PERFECTLY! **sigh** Plus, if you visit on Saturday’s, you can meet the store psychic.  She’s actually pretty swell!

Leather satchel purse, vintage fabric, unicorn necklace, vintage frames (which now have real prescription lenses in them, thankyouverymuch), and some gorgeous fire engine red and knee high boots! Hooray! These were found at Pandemonium and Ahab Bowen in Dallas.  Pandemonium is slightly overwhelming at first but there are some awesome things in there.  Dig, dig, take a deep breath, then dig some more.  Ahab Bowen is so nice and neat and perfectly orderly — it makes my heart happy.

I found this button collection at Third Monday Trade Days in Mckinney!  Some of the selections were a bit ‘Cowboy Up’ for my liking…if you know what I mean.  However, there are lots of pretty antiques to browse through! I found these buttons (the picture shows about 1/3 of what I got) for only $8!! I have some pretty little projects in store for these. 

I adore this beautiful top.  ::ohmygoodness:: it’s perfect.  This wasn’t found in Dallas, but the pretty things that come from Elsie at Red Velvet Art are only a mouse click away.  I could browse her blog and store forever…..in fact, I visit daily!

I fell in love with this sundress in Austin, TX!! How I love that city.  Can I be there forever one day? Please?! (sorry Portland, I would never forget about you…Austin is 2nd place).  They have an entire map of all the vintage/antique stores! It’s nothing short of fantastic!! Check it out….The Vintage Around Town Guide.  It kept me busy for an entire weekend!! This kept me busy the rest of the time.  Taking pictures with my Canon AE1.  I’m learning how to use film :

(The Cathedral of Junk – taken by Daniel Davis)

(Daniel Davis Photography)

(taken by ME – with Daniel’s gear and instruction) *Im learning!!*

(Daniel Davis Photography!  However, I took this one of Daniel too – but he helped!)

Hopefully this will help inspire a shopping adventure in Dallas.  There’s a lot to find.  Oh – the jacket in this picture?  Yep, got it at a thrift store in Portland.  I can’t start on Portland now — that deserves a blog to itself. Love, love, love…..forever will I love thee.

Goodnight, goodnight.  I’m headed to Las Vegas on Thursday for the weekend!!! The real one (not ‘Trash Vegas’ featured above!)  I’ll probably post something between now and then….I’m liking this blog thing. 



One Response to “hello beautiful (& let’s not forget cheap)”

  1. Maranda Says:

    Absolutely L-O-V-E this post!! You’ve inspired me to take a trip up north. I live in the HEB/NRH area. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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