random ramblings

I’ve recently started writing down my thoughts immediately as they flow through my brain.  It’s a bit like that word association game.  You know the one….

I say blue:: you say the first thought
that comes to your mind.

Below are my candid thoughts, written at a coffee shop & another from an airport.  It’s fun, really.  I shall do it often.

March 25, 2010// Opening Bell Coffee, listening to the lovely Molly Jenson:

woke up early but didn’t want to…yummy chick fil a breakfast & a package pick up at the apartment office – full of pretty things like the moose in my living room & the shirt I’m wearing now…work was meeting, meeting, meeting, grapes & chocolate, & then another meeting…home! sigh…wrapped a wreath with yarn & ready to finish by adding flutterbys – pretty – my first attempt at a wreath…drove to the opening bell to listen to pretty music…I miss Brando…journal open & writing for the past two hours because that’s what you do when you’re alone at a coffee shop…which reminds me – where are my friends?…eh, I’m a loner – so it’s not too horrible…music, coffee, dim room, pretty, acoustic guitars, empty wine bottles left by the girls who asked to share my table, full tip jar, Jimi Hendrix, & fat tire…hand cramp – ow…barista with cool glasses – maybe because they’re like mine…Molly Jenson – should I say hi?…nervousness/self conscious thoughts setting in because that’s what happens with new people…but I love my shirt – it has a heart on it…and a bow in my hair…that is all.

(flutterby wreath ::love::)
(taken with my iPhone)

(Molly Jenson at The Opening Bell//far away iPhone picture)
PS – I did meet Molly after the show and she is just delightful!! Plus her music is fantastic and original and you will be hooked if you give it a listen.  Scouts honor. xoxo

April 22, 2010//DFW airport, waiting at the gate

sleepy eyes…listening to Electric President – they sing about stars & monsters…in the airport sitting at C25…waiting on my plane to Las Vegas…how do planes stay up? i wonder every time…work trip…no glittery gold dress for me…airports are funny…where are these people going? i don’t know how to say this, but that ladies fake tan is horribly unattractive…wait, all fake tans are unattractive…sitting beneath a power outlet with 5 ipods/iphones plugged in behind me…feel like i forgot something…crap, i did – my toothpaste…oh well, last time it was my deodorant & underwear…there’s a pacing cell phone talker in front of me…man, he’s been chatting forever but hardly saying anything…turn ipod up to drown out the noise…i want to check twitter…i always want to check twitter…i love twitter way too much…nope, i’m not checking it – this time…super tall man with tiny wife…i laugh because it’s kind of cute…feet propped up on laptop bag…why am i wearing heels? confession: i enjoy dressing up for the airport…i shower more for the airport than i do for work…super obnoxious & loud announcement – cringe…just checked twitter…dang it – no self control…hurry & charge up phone…i need to potty because there’s no way i’m going in that plane…awkward eye contact with the middle aged man in front of me, wearing denim from head to toe…ding!! text message – hooray! kid next to me opened a bag of gummy life savers…smells like pure sugar…he has a blackberry & his sister has an iphone…he got the short end of that stick…i feel humid – ew – i hate humid…texas, why are you so damp and gross? check facebook…3 notifications…yes! all notifications about other people’s comments on a status i liked…lame…consider deleting post because i hate those notifications…social media – you are my life…ew…never say that again…40 minutes until take off…phone at 99% battery…business suit, business suit, wheelchair, starbucks cup, no comment (because it was a rude thought), beard…nice, another suit? what in the world…cell phone talker…another cell phone talker…whoa – crazy hair…gate announcement – over booked flight…give up seat for $150 voucher…make it $300 & we’ll talk…100%…victory – i’m out.

(flying over the mountains//taken with iphone)
(my airplane drink of choice – iPhone pic)

(our Las Vegas hotel::beautiful Paris!! Taken with my iPhone)


5 Responses to “random ramblings”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    I miss flying. I must do that this summer. Also, I am annoyed by those facebook notifications about liked posts, too. ha ha. Airports are truly special places … The world is always going through them and there’s so much urgency and importance. Or something.

    Have a good rest of your trip!

  2. Aimee Bee Says:

    I love reading these – they are like modern poetry. Sounds like you are having an exciting time. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I would love to be a part of your blog roll if you will have me? http://www.greenpicklesblog.co.uk

    Thanks so much, enjoy your trip,


  3. Sasha Says:

    I enjoyed reading this so much!! Love it!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Um….they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…please consider it so when I start up my own rambling thoughts on my own blog….i LOVED this! While reading I had some rambling thoughts….I think like this….I love that we are friends. I have a memory of you when we were doing Grace at the Abilene Convention Center. You came down to pray with the band – I clearly remember thinking “Please God let us be friends one day”…..tearing up a little because He said yes to that prayer…I remember that moment in time often not really sure why. You are fun and crafty…I like that you do things with a sense of adventure and fun…always seeing the best in others….I long to be that way.
    I am also a loner…sometimes by choice….mostly by not wanting to bother other people. Airports are my favorite places on the planet next to beaches…and airport next to a beach…heaven really.
    The End.

    • sunshineandstarlight Says:

      Amanda!!! That comment was the BEST EVER!!!! Loved it so much. That made my night. You are the sweetest and most loyal friend that I don’t see enough of. Thanks, dear. I love you xtimesx a million. Ramble away!! I can’t wait to read them. 🙂

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