Las Vegas is super shiny (but not in a clean way)

Las Vegas:
an adult playland

(the Las Vegas strip:: taken with my iPhone)

Although, this adult will not be going back any time soon.  Was it the dirty Santa Clause look-a-like in the elevator who asked if I was tickelish or the loud drunk boys asking for “just 5 minutes” of our time that helped me realize Las Vegas isn’t my city of choice?

Don’t get me wrong.  I had an AMAZING time.  I worked all weekend and hung out with some fantastic people.  They made the trip memorable – not anything Vegas had to offer.  However, the lights did keep me mesmorized and I do want to catch every Cirque Du Soleil show that’s ever been in existence.  Oh yea, the food was really tasty as well…..and our hotel was gorgeous.  Now that I think about it, all of the hotels were gorgeous.  Fine, Vegas – maybe you weren’t so bad.  But I probably won’t spend tons of time (or $$) there.  I couldn’t figure out how to work the one slot machine I attempted to try plus the smoking inside makes my eyes sting.  Ouch!

Here are some iPhone pics from the weekend! I’ll learn to use a real camera one day.  But until that time:

(My fancy schmanzy hotel room: The Paris Hotel)
(The Paris Hotel lobby)
(stage shot of the event I worked all weekend – the reason I was in Vegas!)
(glittery, glittery, pretty Las Vegas strip:: outside the Bellagio)
(Bellagio fountain show:::so fun!!)
(ceiling in the Bellagio lobby::whoa!)
(my favorite part of the Bellagio flower garden)
(Caesar’s Palace::the pegasus! If only they were real….sigh)
(Pirate Show outside of Treasure Island)
(the sound of money being sucked away::can you hear it?)
(what sucked MY money away! ugh so good!! Burger from The Hash House)
(and crepes from The Paris hotel…..ohmygawsh!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So maybe I shouldn’t have been so hard on Las Vegas.  Yes, I realize I’m blessed beyond measure for the chance to travel and see the world.  It’s just not my favorite place….that’s all.  If you love it, then please share why because I just couldn’t fall under the spell.  I will admit to being hypnotized by those pretty lights….and that food!!  Oh that food……delishush.  My next trip will be to New York City! Hooray!! I’ll be there in a couple of weeks.  I’m planning on bringing the real camera this time.

I have no more to say about that.  xoxo
(taken by Daniel Davis::modified with my ShakeItPhoto app)


4 Responses to “Las Vegas is super shiny (but not in a clean way)”

  1. Amanda Says:

    This was exactly how I felt about Vegas the one and only time I went there. Every thing is bright and shiny, but then I looked around at the people sitting at the slot machines and saw this empty listless looks – waiting for “the big one” to make their day. Lack of joy – need for Jesus….left me saddened.
    Your photos are fun though.

  2. Molly Says:

    Omg i love you blogging!! Woohooo

    so glad you experienced Vegas wish I was there with you! Next year!

  3. Terry Ellison Says:

    Great pics Laura, I dont think my iphone can do that…We are going back to Vegas in September for my 5th time there and 4th bachelor party. So for us the fun is in the over all group atmosphere. Chillen at the pool, going to the parties etc…I mean we reallllyy have a blast there.

  4. sunshineandstarlight Says:

    Molly!!! This is all your fault! 🙂 Now, Vegas with you would be a whole different story!!

    Terry – if you’re there, it’s fun. Period. I’m sure all of you have a wonderful time. I can teach you how to take fun pics with your iPhone. But that means we have to hang out again!! 🙂

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