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Toob 2010!

May 31, 2010

This weekend…  Thirteen of us took a little road trip to Gruene, TX for Jenna’s birthday celebration!! The little lamb is now 25.  Adorable.  I’m so thankful for the incredible friendships that I have and the past four days have reminded me that I am surrounded by beautiful people.  I won’t blog about the entire trip because some memories will stay at the river.  *wink* However, here are the highlights:

Day 1: Friday
The work day seemed to D-R-A-G by so very slowly but finally 5:00 came and I was on the road to meet my homies.  We loaded up J’s ride and headed towards New Braunfels.  A few stops (um….yea, girls have to stop a lot) and several hours later we arrived – the ole Rodeway Inn.  Complete with rooms that opened from the outside and mysterious hairballs on the pillows.  Classy.  Oh the moments had in this room…. It’ll do!

Day 2: Toob 2010

I’d say we started out with the highest of hopes.  How could the 13 of us possibly know the mishaps and misfortune that awaited us on the dear Guadalupe?  Look what positive river rats we were!! 

So we set off for the river, expecting a day full of sunshine and mindless tubing.

I swear I’ve floated this river probably 7 times and never faced drama like this!!  The trouble started when we tied 13 tubes (yea, brilliant move) plus two extra that held the coolers all together, like a big huge floating blob of a family.  About two hours later we had flipped over, hit currents, got sucked under the water multiple times, busted two tubes, ran into trees, lost our IDs, the skin on my left knee and foot, shoes, sunglasses, two completely full coolers of food and drinks….we even lost people!! Tyler jumped off a TALL tree and did a fabulous (well, it was) dive and flip into the water and HIT A ROCK!!! HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN!?!?! Poor guy ended up being rushed to the hospital and getting 10 staples in his head!  I took a pic and it’s pretty gnarly so I’m leaving it up to you if you want to see it or not.  If you’re a brave one who doesn’t mind the ouch/ew factor then click here.  He’s ok now. Don’t worry!  It may sound like it was a horribly dramatic and awful experience but it was still…..awesome.  So many memories were made this day.  That night (after a quick nap) we headed out for a little country dancing at:

Only to quickly realize that no country would be happening that night.  Instead?  An 80’s cover band (complete with leather pants, animal print, and a fan which was used to blow their HUGE hair).  Ohmyword I was in heaven!!

We sang along…loudly.  And maybe we danced a little too.

Day 3: True River Rats

We all loaded up and headed to a free spot on the river where we could hang out on the sidelines without being too involved.  Ha!! The previous day wore us out. 

Every trip needs a soundtrack and there was one song that stuck out from the rest:

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Talk about amazing memories!! Riding in the jeep through the hill country with these men, singing (and dancing) to Ke$sha at the top of our lungs!  They had no shame in joining along.   Perfect in every way.

That night we antique shopped a little while waiting for our table to open up at the Grist Mill.  Such a yummy restaurant!!  I found some amazing vintage items and perhaps we got into a bit of mischief:

Later that night, we went to hear some live country music.   The poor birthday girl had lost her ID on the river.  Thankfully, we all still got in. Happy 25th, little J.  Haha!

 I’m sure we had the best seat in the house – a comfie grassy hill overlooking the show. There may have been some sporadic crazy dancing during this time.  It’s silly to care what anybody thinks, ya know?  Life is too short.  Dance if you want to (even if nobody else is dancing), dance crazy like your life depends on it.  You can’t help but smile.

Day 4: Home Sweet Home

Monday morning, the sweet boys knocked on our door with Starbucks in hand.  Adorable.  Then they carried all of our luggage downstairs and waited patiently while we did all the girly things that us ladies do.  I have to give a quick shout out to the complete gentlemen we had on our trip.  They are the SWEETEST most thoughtful boys.  There’s a lot about Texas that isn’t my favorite but I will say that chivalry is not dead here.  I ::love:: and appreciate my guys friends so much.  Lastly, we stopped at *Austin for brunch before heading back to Dallas!  Trudy’s Tex-Mex….clearly.  The weekend couldn’t have been better….well, maybe if fewer of us had gotten injured but other than that, it was perfect.

I have great friends.  I truly do.

 I’ll be updating this post again once I get more pictures.  I only had my iPhone with me but trust me when I say that we took a lot of great pics.  I’ll add them in later once I get them!!

*Let’s talk about Austin for a second.  How AWESOME is that city?!?! Oh my goodness, I love it so much.  Please oh please can I live there one day?! That will be a new goal.  Love, love, love it so. 

All in all, my memorial day was fantastic.  I’m so thankul for the men and women who have served and blessed our country and made it possible to enjoy a weekend of freedom and fun with our loved ones.  We are so incredibly blessed.  I’ll be back later!!!

peace and love-


i want you, i need you, oh baby, oh baby!

May 29, 2010

So…I travel a lot.  Which means, I need this!! Yes, please!! I’ll be good forever and ever if I can just have this beautiful 1970’s luggage set!!

You can find it here!  On Etsy, of course. 
*sigh, swoon, light headed, smile, happy*

Pandora Playlist {part III}

May 28, 2010

Music for your work day!  Here are some of my favorites, again from Pandora.   Enjoy the music AND your 3 day weekend!!!!!!!!!!  

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:inspiration is only a ‘click’ away:

May 27, 2010

I’m inspired by so many lovely things in the world, but I will admit that blogs and their writers help me to dream, create, and give me avenues for all of this to be possible! I’ve put together a small list of my all time favorite blogs….and why I love them so.  Click on the links and  check them out — they are sure to have you hooked in one glance.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you! *wink*

1) Elsie from Red Velvet Art – Elsie is one of my all time favorite bloggers EVER!  She’s super creative, crafty, adorable….I’m super excited because I recently signed up for one of her crafting classes, RVA Summer Camp.  I cannot wait for it to start!  Plus, her online store (Red Velvet Art) has some gorgeous vintage clothing, art, and jewelry.

2) Color Me Katie – Katie makes you see life in a new way.  I’m convinced she eats rainbows for breakfast.  I cried the first time I read her blog — from happiness, of course!! She’s a street artist in New York and also a photographer for Improv Everywhere.  If you’ve never seen a video from Improv Everywhere then you’re missing out in a gigantic way.  Amazing.

This is an example of the work she does throughout NYC and Brooklyn:

3) ThxThxThx – Come here every couple of days for a dose of cleverly written optimism.  See?  A blog devoted to saying ‘Thank You’.

4) Daniel Davis Photography – Daniel is an extremely gifted photographer as well as one of my dearest friends.  His photos are stunning and he’s been given opportunities to travel around the world – camera in tow.  I’m browsing his blog probably one billion times a week…he’s that good. 

Not to mention, crazy. (Yes, he’s in the picture below.)

Lastly, I even like the pictures he takes of me.

5) Bluebird Vintage – Probably the most adorable (and trendy) family I’ve seen in the blog world.  Plus, James (who is just gorgeous) also has an online store with amazing vintage pieces.  *sigh, light headed, pretty dresses*

(this image from We Heart It)

6) Seablanket – Chelsea is a sweet fashionista with AMAZING style and lovely  tattoos.  Her blog is filled with fashion tips, beauty advice, cute and easy crafty DIY’s….PLUS she’s opening up an Etsy store on June 4.  Yep, there goes even more of my paycheck. 

7) Rockstar Diaries – This is a story about the cutest married couple ever – Taza and her husband.  I’ll admit it – seeing their blog about roadtrips and married life kiiiiind of makes me look forward to it.  Um, no – I’m not anywhere close to being married anytime soon.  However, I would love for my marriage to be like theirs one day. 

What blogs do you love?  I’ve like to find out what else is out there.  Ok – gotta go!! I’m attempting a jog in this HAWT Texas heat and then a little Lost watching.  Yes, I’m only on Season 2 so don’t ruin it for me!!

(my buddy Charlie and I – and a tea pot)

shake it like a salt shaker!

May 25, 2010

Thanks to my  Pandora station, I danced all-day-long at work.  The amazing part?  I never left my chair. 

(images from We Heart

I’ll be dancing like CrAzY in a few days!  On Friday, we are headed to Austin to celebrate the lovely Jenna Bear’s birthday!  The pic below is from my birthday extravaganza in Austin last summer!  Meet Jenna – one of my closest friends.

Happy Tuesday!
Oh – today is Cookie Monster’s birthday.  Eat something wickedly full of chocolate to celebrate.

You Should Read This// Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

May 24, 2010

My television set broke which means even more reading time.  Oh, don’t feel sorry for me.  I’m wondering if I should even replace the thing.  It’s been gone for about two weeks and I haven’t missed its absence at all.  Compare it to that boyfriend/girlfriend that you didn’t really want around but…….ok, I digress.  Back to the book.

If you are one of those people who want a story that fully resolves and that follows your basic book pattern then…this isn’t for you.  However, if your heart stirs from lovely tales woven together by a childs unbelievable imagination then I’d say grab it. Now.  Get it here if you’d like.

This is the (fictional) tale of Oskar Schell as he searches the burroughs of New York City.  He’s looking for something that belonged to his father, who died in the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11.  Oskar warmed my heart and brought me to tears in more than one chapter.  Jonathan Safran Foer, who also wrote Everything is Illuminated, is a fantastic story teller.  I can’t wait to read his other works. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:
–Some had fallen asleep, and the park was a mosaic of their dreams.

–Instead she said, ‘I love you.’  The words traveled the yo-yo, the doll, the diary, the necklace, the quilt, the clothesline, the birthday present, the harp, the tea bag, the tennis racket, the hem of the skirt.  “Grody!” The boy covered his can with a lid, removed it from the string, and put her love for him on a shelf in his closet.  Of course, he never could open the can, because then it would lose its contents.  It was enough just to know it was there.

–“Dad had a spirit,” she said, like she was rewinding a bit of our conversation.  I told her, “He had cells, and now they’re on rooftops, and in the river, and in the lungs of millions of people around New York, who breathe him every time they speak!”

–That’s the difference between heaven and hell!  In hell we starve!  In heaven we feed each other!

–she wants to know if I love her, that’s all anyone wants from anyone else, not love itself but the knowledge that love is there.

It’s so good.  Seriously.  Come on, you can trust me.  Ok – back to reading more books!! I just finished House Rules by Jodi Picoult (eh, it was ok) and am trying to finish Follow Me to Freedom: Leading And Following as an Ordinary Radicle by Shane Claiborne (LOVE him) and John Perkins (this book has been mind blowing so far and I cannot wait to finish it). 

(if you’ve ever wondered what I’m doing in my spare time, well…this is it.  reading book after book after book in my cozy little space.)

Snot Drop WH & Weekend Pictures

May 23, 2010

I spent the past weekend on a roadtrip with my dad.  It was so, so fun!  He planned a two-day journey to all of his old houses (close to 11 different places!), schools, hangouts, etc.  The trip was made complete with old pictures, stories, books about my heritage, good food, a stay with my aunt and uncle (where I learned about the neighbor kid, ‘Snot Drop WH’), lots of laughing  plus a deeper look into where I came from.  Yep, it was precious and a completely thoughtful journey for my dad to plan.  He’s amazing like that.  I need to collect a few more pictures before I blog about the total experience but it’s coming this week. 

Until then, here’s a sneak peek from the weekend:

(the location of one of my dad’s old houses which has since been torn down)

(the field where my dad played highschool football//same score board)

(running plays and such — hehe!! i made him do it.  he’s the cutest!)

(say hello to Steak – my aunt and uncle’s adorable calf – with a rather unfortunate yet truthful name.  See ya around, Steak….maybe!)

(a train my grandfather took to work when he was only 12!! More about that later.)

(my dad sporting some groovy glasses – seriously, i need them! how cute was he?! ohmygawsh!)

(then, many moons later, i arrived on the scene. hello world!)

That’s all for now!

Road Trip!!

May 21, 2010

I’m leaving town again for the weekend!  Fact: I can’t stay in one place for too long or I’ll go a bit ‘stir crazy’.  This trip in particular is one I’ve been looking forward to for a while because it’s with one of my heroes.

I’ll blog about the trip next week, but until then…..

Here’s a hint:
(here’s a vintage photo for ya, taken about 27 years ago)

Have a super rad, amazing, creative, inspiring, go outside, beautiful, sleep a lot, eat good food, make something even if it’s ugly,  laugh as much as possible, watch some movies or read a book, pet a puppy, listen to pretty music…..weekend!
(the infamous Seattle gum wall – taken by… iPhone)

i’ll do what i want – and there’s nothing you can do about it!

May 20, 2010

I’ve finally realized why I ::love:: blogging so darn much.
Because I can post…

WhAtEvEr I WaNt!
(however I want to do it.)

There aren’t too many places in the world where a person can feel such creative freedom.  I blog by the same rules I follow when decorating my *adorable* apartment or buying *sometimes weird* clothing — I choose what makes me happy.  Simple as that.

This means that I can post a picture of my dream house.  Yep, it’s a tree house (from We Heart It) and I will continue to dream about living in one, until I do.
Or maybe share a picture of the Oregon coast, taken by my friend Drew.  The purpose?  Because I think it’s beautiful.   

I might even share a quote.  Not to show off my massive amounts of knowledge or wit, but simply because they speak to me.

You don’t have a soul.  You are a soul.  You have a body.
–CS Lewis

I like nonsense.  It wakes up the brain cells.
–Dr. Seuss

(taken with my iPhone of my dear friend Laura Elizabeth – in Portland)

eye can uuse hawrible grammer if i want too.

I guess, if I want, I can daydream about future dates that I’ll go on.  xoxo

(We Heart It)

and wish that my hair still looked like this…

Have I talked about my all time favorite promise?  No?  Well, now is as good a time as any.  Rainbows. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. (Charlotte, NC – taken with my lovely iPhone)

I also think it would be wonderful to have this in my living room, regardless of how old I am…
(We Heart It)

I don’t even mind posting unflattering pictures of myself (from my birthday extravaganza last year).   Keep scrolling to find out why I was completely geeking out…

Cupcakes flown in to Austin, TX from my favorite bakery in NYC!  A total surprise.  Thanks again, Katie and Chrissy!  ❤

Yep.  So that is why I like love to blog. 
I hope you have places in your life where you feel absolute freedom to be exactly who you are without the pressure to perform and entertain. is just one of my many places.

kitten kisses-

(taken in Seattle, WA – by my iPhone and lovely friend Sarah)

note: Again, thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts.  It makes my day a happy one.  You’re the rock to my roll.

oh yes, it’s happening!

May 19, 2010

Last September, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish during my lifetime.  I haven’t even glanced at it…

until now.

From this somewhat small list, I’ve only accomplished one thing.  One.  That’s some pretty shabby work on my part.  I can do much better and so I will.  I’m sharing my little list because I’m determined to put effort into crossing each and every one off.  I love that feeling.  So here it is, a glimpse into the life that I’ll be working towards.  Yea, I’m pretty excited about it.  Here goes nothing, well – it’s a rather huge something to me.

1)  Live in Portland, Oregon.

(image from

(one of my favorite moments w/some of my beautiful Portland friends.  i’m dedicating an entire post to them…later.  i love Portland in a way i can’t describe.  i’ll be there one day – to raise a family, ride bikes, hike mt hood, drink good coffee, be around some of the most inspiring people i know, and more.)

2.  Visit Ireland.  I think there’s magic to be found there.

(images from

3.  Learn to speak Spanish.  So I can communicate with these precious children. 

(i took these two summers ago on a mission trip to Guatemala.  such beautiful orphaned children.   i’m planning to blog more on this trip soon.)

4.  Learn how to longboard.

5.  Adopt.  How could I not?
(taken on my trip to Africa.)

6.  Meet Donald Miller.  accomplished – 6/12/09
Regardless of whether or not you agree with Don and his writings, he has always been one of my favorite authors.  I’m a nerd, yes I really am.  Some people aspire to meet movie/pop stars but I would much rather meet somebody that has influenced me with their writings.  Don Miller did just that in Blue Like Jazz (and every other thing he has written since then).

So, I decided to make it a goal of mine to meet him.  Honestly, I thought it would be huge disappointment if we ever met.  I expected him to be awkward and slightly conceited.  (Sorry, Don.)  Yea, I was wrong.  He’s one of the most humble, witty, hilarious and thoughtful people!  TOTALLY not what I expected at all and better than what I had hoped.  He’s a great guy and has become a friend.  I even snuck myself into one of his blog posts.  I’m a sneaky one.  It’s because I’m so small and he puts up with me because I like Portland almost as much as he does. 

7.  Actually read all of the books I own.  I collect books.  They make me weak.
(image from

8.  Learn to play the acoustic guitar.  I’ve started several times but need to stick with it.

9.  Learn to snowboard. 
(image from

10.  Climb a mountain
(taken by me, in Guatemala)

11.  Take a road trip across the western US in an RV.  Stop at Crater Lake.

(images from

12.  Own a 1960’s seamfoam green/teal Ford Bronco (with white leather interior) and a Vespa and while I’m at it….a husky puppy. 
(i found this little beauty on ebay and almoooost bought it but decided not to until i can pay cash for it.  cold hard cash, baby!)

13.  Memorize a book of the Bible.  It’s the most life changing piece of literature in existence.  I want it hidden in my heart…truly.

14.  Go camping.  For real.  I usually…er, always end up in a hotel with AC and a hot shower.

(image from

15.  Write a book.  Because I’ve always wanted to.  Even when I was tiny.  

(me, a dress, some major arm muscles, and dominating at putt putt, and one wild imagination….reading and writing and being all kinds of imaginative from the very start.)

16.  Plant a garden full of flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and then learn to cook them.

(iPhone photo from Seattle – Pike’s Market)
(another iPhone pic of Pike’s Market)
(um…yea.  i ::love:: fruit.)

18.  Work at a coffee shop.  Some want to be President or the next Lady Gaga but not me, I’d rather be your friendly neighborhood barista any day.
 (taken on my iPhone at Stumptown Coffee in Portland, OR)

So that’s it!! Not too hard, right?  One down and seventeen to go.  Oh yes, it’s happening. 

–peace in your hood–