Beautiful Disaster

I’ve never been one for cooking…..until now.  It’s so fun!!! Especially when heaps of food coloring, sugar, my dear friend Amy, and bright colors are involved.  We set out to recreate the {fantastic} rainbow cake that Rand showed me, and here were the results:

A  color explosion in the form of vanilla cake batter, which led to…

the happiest cake pan you ever laid eyes on, so….

we made two!!

Amy was happy and so was I! Oh, this is Amy.  She’s been one of my best friends since highschool! She was the kid that made all A’s and was #1 in her class….plus she bakes me owl cupcakes and never forgets my birthday.  I love her.

and then we cleaned.  My kitchen looked like Rainbow Bright and her Twinks had exploded all over everything, especially my sink.

Somewhere between the clean up and putting the cake pans into the oven, this happened.  I call it *magic*!

and that’s not even the best part!!! I cut into this glorious wonder before me and found this…

Oh yea, I added lots of pretty color to the icing too.  I mean c’mon.  Why not? Then I brought the rainbow cakes to work, and secured another 2 years at my job.  (It’s amazing what the power of  bringing food to work will do.) 

Want some?

(pics were taken with my dearest iPhone)


4 Responses to “Beautiful Disaster”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    That takes the cake! But I want to take that cake because it looks so good. ha ha. I need to post about the brownies I’m going to make on Monday for my digital photo class …

  2. lavienouveau Says:

    ah this looks like so much fun! I love that last picture!

  3. Rand Says:

    That looks Great! Thanks for the link! 😀

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