:inspiration is only a ‘click’ away:

I’m inspired by so many lovely things in the world, but I will admit that blogs and their writers help me to dream, create, and give me avenues for all of this to be possible! I’ve put together a small list of my all time favorite blogs….and why I love them so.  Click on the links and  check them out — they are sure to have you hooked in one glance.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you! *wink*

1) Elsie from Red Velvet Art – Elsie is one of my all time favorite bloggers EVER!  She’s super creative, crafty, adorable….I’m super excited because I recently signed up for one of her crafting classes, RVA Summer Camp.  I cannot wait for it to start!  Plus, her online store (Red Velvet Art) has some gorgeous vintage clothing, art, and jewelry.

2) Color Me Katie – Katie makes you see life in a new way.  I’m convinced she eats rainbows for breakfast.  I cried the first time I read her blog — from happiness, of course!! She’s a street artist in New York and also a photographer for Improv Everywhere.  If you’ve never seen a video from Improv Everywhere then you’re missing out in a gigantic way.  Amazing.

This is an example of the work she does throughout NYC and Brooklyn:

3) ThxThxThx – Come here every couple of days for a dose of cleverly written optimism.  See?  A blog devoted to saying ‘Thank You’.

4) Daniel Davis Photography – Daniel is an extremely gifted photographer as well as one of my dearest friends.  His photos are stunning and he’s been given opportunities to travel around the world – camera in tow.  I’m browsing his blog probably one billion times a week…he’s that good. 

Not to mention, crazy. (Yes, he’s in the picture below.)

Lastly, I even like the pictures he takes of me.

5) Bluebird Vintage – Probably the most adorable (and trendy) family I’ve seen in the blog world.  Plus, James (who is just gorgeous) also has an online store with amazing vintage pieces.  *sigh, light headed, pretty dresses*

(this image from We Heart It)

6) Seablanket – Chelsea is a sweet fashionista with AMAZING style and lovely  tattoos.  Her blog is filled with fashion tips, beauty advice, cute and easy crafty DIY’s….PLUS she’s opening up an Etsy store on June 4.  Yep, there goes even more of my paycheck. 

7) Rockstar Diaries – This is a story about the cutest married couple ever – Taza and her husband.  I’ll admit it – seeing their blog about roadtrips and married life kiiiiind of makes me look forward to it.  Um, no – I’m not anywhere close to being married anytime soon.  However, I would love for my marriage to be like theirs one day. 

What blogs do you love?  I’ve like to find out what else is out there.  Ok – gotta go!! I’m attempting a jog in this HAWT Texas heat and then a little Lost watching.  Yes, I’m only on Season 2 so don’t ruin it for me!!

(my buddy Charlie and I – and a tea pot)


7 Responses to “:inspiration is only a ‘click’ away:”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Ah ha! I just checked here for the first time today, and totally caught you at new post time. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your favorites. I’m finding myself here more and more, too. Keep up the good blogging! And I’m starting to get new inspiration for mine …

  2. 79leslie Says:

    GIRL!! I am on season 2 of Lost too! That’s crazy!! Great post, looking forward to checking out these blogs

  3. Molly Says:

    You inspire ME!

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