Toob 2010!

This weekend…  Thirteen of us took a little road trip to Gruene, TX for Jenna’s birthday celebration!! The little lamb is now 25.  Adorable.  I’m so thankful for the incredible friendships that I have and the past four days have reminded me that I am surrounded by beautiful people.  I won’t blog about the entire trip because some memories will stay at the river.  *wink* However, here are the highlights:

Day 1: Friday
The work day seemed to D-R-A-G by so very slowly but finally 5:00 came and I was on the road to meet my homies.  We loaded up J’s ride and headed towards New Braunfels.  A few stops (um….yea, girls have to stop a lot) and several hours later we arrived – the ole Rodeway Inn.  Complete with rooms that opened from the outside and mysterious hairballs on the pillows.  Classy.  Oh the moments had in this room…. It’ll do!

Day 2: Toob 2010

I’d say we started out with the highest of hopes.  How could the 13 of us possibly know the mishaps and misfortune that awaited us on the dear Guadalupe?  Look what positive river rats we were!! 

So we set off for the river, expecting a day full of sunshine and mindless tubing.

I swear I’ve floated this river probably 7 times and never faced drama like this!!  The trouble started when we tied 13 tubes (yea, brilliant move) plus two extra that held the coolers all together, like a big huge floating blob of a family.  About two hours later we had flipped over, hit currents, got sucked under the water multiple times, busted two tubes, ran into trees, lost our IDs, the skin on my left knee and foot, shoes, sunglasses, two completely full coolers of food and drinks….we even lost people!! Tyler jumped off a TALL tree and did a fabulous (well, it was) dive and flip into the water and HIT A ROCK!!! HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN!?!?! Poor guy ended up being rushed to the hospital and getting 10 staples in his head!  I took a pic and it’s pretty gnarly so I’m leaving it up to you if you want to see it or not.  If you’re a brave one who doesn’t mind the ouch/ew factor then click here.  He’s ok now. Don’t worry!  It may sound like it was a horribly dramatic and awful experience but it was still…..awesome.  So many memories were made this day.  That night (after a quick nap) we headed out for a little country dancing at:

Only to quickly realize that no country would be happening that night.  Instead?  An 80’s cover band (complete with leather pants, animal print, and a fan which was used to blow their HUGE hair).  Ohmyword I was in heaven!!

We sang along…loudly.  And maybe we danced a little too.

Day 3: True River Rats

We all loaded up and headed to a free spot on the river where we could hang out on the sidelines without being too involved.  Ha!! The previous day wore us out. 

Every trip needs a soundtrack and there was one song that stuck out from the rest:

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Talk about amazing memories!! Riding in the jeep through the hill country with these men, singing (and dancing) to Ke$sha at the top of our lungs!  They had no shame in joining along.   Perfect in every way.

That night we antique shopped a little while waiting for our table to open up at the Grist Mill.  Such a yummy restaurant!!  I found some amazing vintage items and perhaps we got into a bit of mischief:

Later that night, we went to hear some live country music.   The poor birthday girl had lost her ID on the river.  Thankfully, we all still got in. Happy 25th, little J.  Haha!

 I’m sure we had the best seat in the house – a comfie grassy hill overlooking the show. There may have been some sporadic crazy dancing during this time.  It’s silly to care what anybody thinks, ya know?  Life is too short.  Dance if you want to (even if nobody else is dancing), dance crazy like your life depends on it.  You can’t help but smile.

Day 4: Home Sweet Home

Monday morning, the sweet boys knocked on our door with Starbucks in hand.  Adorable.  Then they carried all of our luggage downstairs and waited patiently while we did all the girly things that us ladies do.  I have to give a quick shout out to the complete gentlemen we had on our trip.  They are the SWEETEST most thoughtful boys.  There’s a lot about Texas that isn’t my favorite but I will say that chivalry is not dead here.  I ::love:: and appreciate my guys friends so much.  Lastly, we stopped at *Austin for brunch before heading back to Dallas!  Trudy’s Tex-Mex….clearly.  The weekend couldn’t have been better….well, maybe if fewer of us had gotten injured but other than that, it was perfect.

I have great friends.  I truly do.

 I’ll be updating this post again once I get more pictures.  I only had my iPhone with me but trust me when I say that we took a lot of great pics.  I’ll add them in later once I get them!!

*Let’s talk about Austin for a second.  How AWESOME is that city?!?! Oh my goodness, I love it so much.  Please oh please can I live there one day?! That will be a new goal.  Love, love, love it so. 

All in all, my memorial day was fantastic.  I’m so thankul for the men and women who have served and blessed our country and made it possible to enjoy a weekend of freedom and fun with our loved ones.  We are so incredibly blessed.  I’ll be back later!!!

peace and love-


5 Responses to “Toob 2010!”

  1. Rand Says:

    Wow, looks lik you guys had an awesome time! That photo of the cracked head gives me a weird feeling haha!

    Also, Ke$ha? Nice! haha!


  2. Rand Says:

    If he is a cage fighter his level of badass-ness went up 43% with that scar.

  3. Lindsay Says:

    wow what a crazy fun weekend!!!!

  4. jamie Says:

    What a fun weekend with awesome memories!!!! Sounds like a blast!!! Glad you made it back home in one piece! ha! Happy day to you, Lovely!

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