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Parting Words (for now)…

June 25, 2010

I leave on vacation today and won’t be returning until July 5! I’m so happy inside I could scream, dance, fly, back flip, sing, paint the sun, whistle, and a few other lovely things.  I’m not exactly sure how to go about this blogging thing when I’m out but I promise I’m going to try my best.  Sharing memories is half the fun…and I’m sure to have many. 

Until next time (whenever in tarnation that is) I leave you with this….the most BEAUTIFUL sunset I’ve seen in a long time.  I took this last night right outside my apartment.  I stared until it was past the point of being polite.  So lovely. 

I hope all of your weeks are beyond fantastic.

Laura Elizabeth…out!


Dear Oregon…I Think You’re Pretty

June 25, 2010

(We Heart It)

Guess where I’m headed tomorrow!! Back to Oregon!  It’s no secret that I ::love:: Portland, OR.  Although, I’m not sure I’ve ever expressed on my blog why it’s so dear to my heart.  The story begins back in the 5th grade.  Yes, that far back.  I was asked to write a report on the state of Oregon and this was SUPER lame to my fifth grade mind.  I actually wanted Pennsylvania because I thought that’s where vampires were.  Whoops.  Silly me.  So I was stuck with Oregon and didn’t realize that the beauty of this state would stay in my mind for years after I glued and pasted pics on that poster board.  I traveled a lot with my family but we never made it to the west coast.  Regardless, it stayed in my mind and I grew more and more infatuated with the idea of Portland without ever visiting. 

Three years ago I started working for The Revolve Tour at Women of Faith.  My job would include traveling to different areas of the country to promote the upcoming tour dates.  Guess which city I was given.  Yep, Portland.  Oh my GOSH I was FREAKING out!! I had never been and now it was my  job to go over and over and spend weeks at a time in my favorite city in the world which I had never even seen in real life. 

So…I went on my first trip there and it completely changed me in every way possible.  I barely made it because I went to the WRONG airport for my flight.  Good grief, who does that?  Once I landed in Portland I started meeting people who immediately adopted me into their family and have stayed so close to me regardless of distance.  I’ve never been to a place full of such warmth and beauty.  One of the main reasons I love it SO much is that I feel completely 110% accepted exactly how I am.  Nobody expects anything in return.  They love openly and sacrifice for their friendships.  I wanted to introduce you to some of the people who I love so very deeply and also thank them for impacting my life.  The Lord has used every single person (and more) to change me for the better.

This is Justin.  He was one of my very first friends in Portland and the main reason I have met so many people.  From the second we met, he took time to show me around and has really invested in our friendship.  He’s one of the wisest and most sincere people I know.  It’s an honor to have coffee with him just to hear his thoughts on God and life and everything else. 

This was taken at Portland Saturday Market about three years ago.  The four cuties on the left (Sarah, Stephanie, Betty, and Melinda) took me in before I even knew what was happening.  Betty let me stay with her and they would always come see me when I was in town.  I even got invited to (and attended) one of their weddings.  🙂 So sweet.

One of my all time favorite memories was the roadtrip to the Oregon coast.  My friends made sure we went so I could see it…and I’m so extremely thankful.  It’s so gorgeous.  This is Justin, Mike, Charlie, and Erin.  Mike is like a little brother to me.  He has the biggest heart and is so cute I can hardly stand it.  Charlie is a nut but more about him later.  The pretty girl on the right is Erin.  She let me live with her for two months last time I was in town for work!! Who does that?  This girl.  I LOVED waking up to the sound of Erin making coffee and singing along with her piano every morning.  I miss that.

Back to Charlie!  He is one of my closest friends in the entire world.  My last two trips would have been a disaster without him. I lost my license BOTH TIMES before I went to Portland and BOTH TIMES he let me use his car for days and also drove me around to every place I needed to go.  We talk often about how things are going and he’s the first person to offer encouragement and some great advice.  He’s so so great.  Oh yea, and a wonderful musician.

This is Natalie and she has this amazing beautiful heart.  Breakfast and coffee with this lovely lady will change your life.  She’s kind, thoughtful, funny, and truly cares about people.  I miss her like crazy.

Adriana.  Oh my this girl is magic.  She’s SO feisty and not to mention has the most GORGEOUS tattoos.  She is a precious soul and is loved by every person she meets.  I swear she doesn’t have a selfish bone in her body.  One day last winter I went to my mailbox and found this – a beautiful scarf that she knitted just for me.  *happy*

Oh hey there, this is Aaron.  I’m smiling right now just thinking about this crazy cat.  He’s hilarious and sarcastic but also thoughtful and a big sweetheart.  Aaron is SUPER loyal and a total blast to be around.  Plus he’s about eight feet tall I think. 🙂

These are two incredibly talented ladies, Emily O and Laura Elizabeth.  They are SO musically gifted.  Em has a gorgeous voice and Laura plays the violin.  Also, Emily is one of the funniest/wittiest people I have EVER met and Laura’s mind is full of romantic and whimsical thoughts.  They’re both like poetry.

I have a MAJOR girl crush on this little pretty.  This is Emily W.  She also sings beautifully and has this incredible quirky side that is super endearing.  Plus she throws amazing parties.  She had a fall party last October and we all shared a huge breakfast made by Milly (pumpkin pancakes and french press coffee were some of the things on the menu) then headed to the corn maze and spend a magical day together.  Here’s a group pic below from the party of some of my FAVORITE people…

Bailey and Johnny have inspired me so much.  Not only is their love story completely fantastic, but their lifestyle is seriously amazing.  They use recycled rain water in their home, grow their own food, only eat fair trade chocolate, hardly ever buy new things, and have chosen bicycles over cars.  The reason?  They give anything extra away to people who need it.  Their whole lives are spent pouring into those around them who need things.  I adore this couple.  Seriously, they make me want to be a better person.

Shawna and her new tattoo.  This girl is a beautiful friend and means so much to me.  She has opened her home to me numerous times and emails me weekly to ask how I’m doing and what she can pray about.  She loves the Lord so much and pushes me to fall more in love with Him just by her life.  We are road tripping to Seattle on Saturday and I can’t wait to see her pretty face and talk about life. 

This is Wes and he’s a total charmer.  You meet him and instantly fall in love with how completely sweet he is!!! I could just squeeze him!! Plus, he’s a very very very talented tattoo artist who does lovely work.  He’s always been nothing but a gentlemen and checks in with me often to make sure life is good. 

This lovely little lady is Bianca.  The first time I met her I knew we had to hang out more and I’m so glad we did.  She is wise beyond her years and makes my soul lighter when I’m around her.  The first time we ever had dinner she started asking what the Lord was doing in my life and how she could pray for me.  That’s incredible and I want to be more like that.  I love this girl so very much.

Annie is a constant encouragement.  She has the kindest spirit about her and it’s a joy whenever we talk or hang out.  I’m so glad I have an entire week and a half in Portland so I can get to know her better.  She’s such a beautiful person.

Daisy has an affection for the Lord that people 20 years older than her only long for.  She’s such a young girl with a mature faith and a natural beauty.  Being around her pushes you to be better as well. 

Jamie slays me with her freakin’ cuteness.  Look at this! I am dying.  She is a light wherever she is and so much fun.  Plus, like those previously mentioned, she has this amazing singing voice.  Oh I LOVE listening to her. 

Serena is on the left.  She has this amazing old mustang and is incredibly artsy and talented.  We met later on but I instantly adored her.  I’m hoping we get to spend some time talking about all sorts of life mysteries over coffee…decaf for me, of course.

Tyler is the type of person who doesn’t have an enemy.  He’s so loveable!! You meet him and want to stay friends forever within five minutes.  I adore him because he is super intentional about maintaining a great friendship even though we live super far apart.  He’s a gifted photographer and so selfless.  He’s letting me stay at his place the whole time I’m in town while he’s out in Hawaii shooting a wedding.  Lucky boy!!

I met this pretty girl on Twitter and have loved her ever since.  Victoria is one of the smartest and funniest people that I’m blessed to know.  She also loves Jesus with all of her heart and is a constant encouragement to me.  We are playing in Seattle on Saturday and Sunday and I cannot wait to squeeze her pretty little face!!!

The Peterson family has totally adopted me as one of their own.  Meg, the cute momma, is like a sister to me and I cannot wait to spend time with their beautiful family again!! They cook for me and invite me out to dinner when I’m in town and completely make me feel at home.  I’m safer traveling alone knowing I can count on them for anything.  Their two girls are SO MUCH FUN and I can’t wait to see them!! I’m getting so excited!!

Lastly, the Whittets…who I can’t find a picture of but I know I have one somewhere.  Blast!!! They’re another family who has adopted me and cooks for me and takes me on family outings when I’m around.  That means so much to a person far away from home.  Home cooked meals are the best because they are hard to come by. 

SO…needless to say I’m so excited to board that plane tomorrow and head back to my personal Narnia.  I’m inspired and changed every time I go.  I know I didn’t get a chance to mention every person there who has impacted me but these are a few.  THANK YOU for loving me without expecting anything in return.  Thank you for welcoming me into your community and being my friend, for praying for me, giving me rides, inviting me to parties, planning beach trips, inviting me to your wonderful church, calling and texting and emailing me when I’m far away, for loving me the way Christ calls all of us to love.  Every single one of you have impacted me and made me better.  I love you and think of you like family.  I can’t wait to spend the next two weeks with you.  xoxoxox!!!

Happy B-day, Davie!!

June 23, 2010

Everyone thinks they have great friends but I’ll be honest….

mine are incredible.

They make my soul happy and my heart light.  I can trust them with anything and everything.  Fun is never an issue…it’s just always happening. When hard times comes they are the lifters of my arms and the ones that pray for my healing.  I’m blessed beyond words. 

Last night we celebrated my dear friend David’s 30th birthday!! I know, he doesn’t look old enough to drive (*wink*) but he’s a mighty great man.  I’ve known him for about eight years and continue to like him more and more.  My good buddy Daniel had his camera ready the entire night.  What you’re about to see is pretty special in every sense of the word.  I love my friends.  xoxoxo!!

–We had delishush food and posed for pictures at Victor Tango.

–We got asked if we were famous (truth!) Hehe!

–We laughed a lot because of these two men. (Daniel – the camera man and David – the birthday boy)

–We stopped traffic, literally.

–We rocked the stache (Ashley and I).

–We ate yummy yummy custard at Wild About Harry’s!

–David completely confused Patsy, the lovely yogurt lady, who refused to believe he was 30.  License check?  Still didn’t believe!!

–We listened to Ke$ha…

–and rawked out with our dancing faces.

–Plus we hammed it up for the camera, a lot.


Big thanks to Daniel and his photo skillz.  Check out his website if you haven’t already! Good stuff, I’m tellin ya.

My Finger Has A Mustache

June 22, 2010

I was sitting in work yesterday when I heard this little bundle of joy creep into my cubicle….and she came with a present. Oh my, I ::love:: presents. My sweet friend Courtney has been globe trotting the past month or so and I hadn’t seen her in what felt like years. Her beautiful face was a pleasant surprise but then she handed me a box which contained this…

An adorable Tatty Devine mustache ring!! My heart melted and I haven’t taken it off since. It’s just so cute. Try looking at that little mustache and holding in a smile…impossible.

So, I found some other adorable mustache beauties on Etsy! I may buy all of them.

Upcycled Modern Stacking Mustache Espresso Mugs - White
Mustache Espresso Mugs
Mustache Set 2 Macbook Vinyl Decals
Headband Incognito - Moustache Headband
mustache comb-over
You should get one for yourself. They’re an instant smile.

Secret Society of Early Risers

June 21, 2010

There seems to be a club of people who will NOT let me in…no matter how hard I try.  I’ve done everything!  They just refuse to accept me and it’s starting to really annoy the heck out of me.  I never even thought I would want to be in this elite club until a few months ago.  Now I can’t stop thinking about how to make my grand entrance. 

-The Club of Early Risers-

What does a girl have to do to hang out with you people?  I’ve tried it all – going to sleep before 10, caffeine in the morning, energy work out pills (now THAT was a total disaster and I stay from away those evil things), putting my alarm clock on the other side of the room, magic smoothies, asking God to wake me up Himself, planning coffee or breakfast with friends so that I have accountability to wake up early (yea, I will cancel every time and fake some excuse why I just can’t make it.) 

So…what do I do to actually wake up early?  Maybe I’d like a few extra hours in my day too.  Would it be so wrong for me to gain an hour or two to read, work out, craft a pretty project, journal about life, learn portugese?  Well?! Would it?  You may even like me in your little club once I’ve been in it for a while.  But no, I’m still the same girl who can’t function properly before double digits.  On week days, the clock strikes 10 AM and I’m finally alert.  Weekends?  Don’t even call me before 11 because chances are I’ll just be waking up.  I love sleep.  LOVE sleep.  It’s beautiful and tasty and delicious and makes me smile.  ZZZzzzzzzz – the most lovely letters in the alphabet.  Let me play until 2 in the morning and sleep until noon.  I used to be ok with that and but not anymore.  When did I grow up?  Well half of me grew up.  My desire to wake early is there but I still have the sleep habits of a teenager. 

So what do I need to do? How in the bloomin’ world do people wake up earlier than 9 AM with a smile and a kick in their step?  One day it’s happening.  I’m determined.  But until then, I could use a little help.

Etsy, Family, & a Felt Mustache

June 19, 2010

Friday and Saturday in pictures!

(in line for the Etsy Dallas Craft Party w/Amy, Ashley, and David)

(we raided the photo booth!!)

(say ‘Hi’ to Amy, David, Ashley, and Marisha)

(my cute parents)

(my pretty little sis)

(where I spent my Saturday)

(Practicing flying…didn’t get too far)

I’m at my parents house now in East TX.  So fun!! My little sis and her husband are here celebrating Father’s Day.  Another fabulous weekend and we still have one day left.  Hug your dad this weekend!!!

And Just Like That, My Dreams Came True

June 17, 2010


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**Before you read this post you MUST click play on the player above….I’m serious.  The post will lose it’s magic unless you’re listening while reading.  In fact, I’ve put a spell on the computer, so if you aren’t listening you’ll be transformed into a frog.  Try explaining that one to your boss.  Ribbit, Ribbit!**

If you know me at all, you understand how much I ::love:: Harry Potter.  I started reading the books when I was in college and was immediately put under enchantment.  Like I’ve said before, I wish so badly that Hogwarts exists and die a little each time I remember it doesn’t. 

Until now…
The Universal Studios Harry Potter theme park is NOW OPEN!!!!! Yea, I’m planning the trip for September/October and I cannot cannot cannot wait.  Here are some pics from the grand opening, taken from this fantastic website.  My heart can barely contain the good vibes.  I’m getting light headed just thinking about it.

(all pictures from, click the link above to see more!)

Now for the important questions.
Who’s coming with me?!?!?!
Wingardium Leviosa!

Etsy Dallas Day!!

June 17, 2010

I’m so excited for the weekend…crafting party and father’s day road trip!  If you live in the Dallas area, you HAVE to join us tomorrow night!! Free cupcakes, drinks, photo-booth, mustaches on a stick, and a brand new sewing machine giveaway!! Umm…I can’t sew a bloomin’ stitch but I am down for some photo-booth and mustache madness with fellow crafty crafters.  Click here and RSVP so we can play!

After the party, I’m headed to the homestead to see my pops.  He’s seriously the best.  Ok, consider yourself invited to the party.  You have no good excuse not to make it out.  Farewell, you crazy cats!

::OK Go::

June 16, 2010

They’ve blown my mind one more time.  My gosh, I ::love:: these guys!! I had to dedicate my morning to the video creative geniuses, OK Go.  Watch and prepare to smile….a lot (and say “whoa, that’s freaking awesome” a few times.)

I’ve already posted this video once, a few months ago, but had to include it one more time.  It’s just that good!

Bye Bye Pesky Perfectionism

June 15, 2010

First of all, I’ve been blogging for 2 1/2 months now!! It didn’t take long for this little blog and I to fall in love.  It’s amazing what having a blog can teach you – time management (hey these posts don’t happen on their own), how to unlock your creative potential, that there are lots of wonderful friends waiting to be made, and even not worrying so much about what everybody else thinks. 

I’ve struggled with upholding this ‘I can do anything’ image for about 28 years (which happens to be how many years I’ve been alive).  For months, I didn’t even want to create a blog because I was so focused on how it would be perfect.  Silly me.  I’ve been learning to cut loose a little and try new things, even if I’m 110% certain that I’m HORRIBLE at them!! It’s worth a shot, eh?  Doing things with excellence and to the best of your ability is always good – this isn’t what I’m talking about.  I’m describing the perfectionism that leaves you paralyzed and unable to move for fear you won’t excel. 

So, I signed up for RVA Summer Camp and just completed my very first project last night – a super adorable journal of my very own.  It took about two hours because I had no clue what I was doing.  I was one proud little girl when I stepped away from the scissors, glue, tape runner, scrap paper, and saw this:

Then, I decided to take the 30 Day Journal Challenge and THAT has been exactly what it’s named…..a challenge.  I am HORRIBLE at drawing things and that just happens to be what this 30 days is full of….doodling, drawing, coloring, creating.  These are not strengths of mine at all. (No, I’m dead serious.  I’m about to show you what I’ve created so far and you will agree.)  All that to say, it’s so much fun and I’m starting to feel less and less insecure about my total loss for drawing/artistic skillz.  Here are my first two journal pages.

Day 1:: Introduce yourself and cover the entire page.  I tried to use the owl and shroom pepper shaker to take your eyes off the scribbles. *smile*

Day 2:: What is the best part of your day?

So there you have it.  I’m pretty good at a lot of things and also pretty awful at a lot of things.  I just don’t want to be afraid to try things I’m not naturally good at.  Where’s the fun in that?  It’s pretty boring really.  So here’s to not being perfect!!  You only live once, right?  I’m going to try something new every week, even if I totally bomb at it. 

Thanks for reading!! Have a fantastically beautiful evening.
(Daniel Davis Photography)