{Hey there, summertime}

It’s hot here in Texas – I’m talking really super duper don’t leave the house unless you’re covered in ice and have a pool to dive into or your skin will melt right off kind of hot. What’s a little Texan to do on the weekend?!

!!!LAKE DAY!!!
(We Heart It)

The best thing to have around here is a generous friend with a sweet boat.  I happen to have one and his name is David.  He’s a mighty swell chap.  Here are some pics from last 4th of July, which was spent on Davie’s boat.  Meet some of my friends – they are super rad.  I’m serious….they really are.

(I’m in the orange – not following the rules)

And that’s not all! Guess who else is coming in town this weekend?! Jamie Jett!! EEEeeeee!! Jamie is my best friend in the entire world.  My dad has always told me that you’re extremely lucky if you have three true friends in a lifetime.  Jamie is one of mine.   She’s so thoughtful, genuine, adorable, servant hearted, giving, faithful, and just moved back to Texas from Nebraska.  Thank goodness!! I haven’t seen her in over a year and my heart can’t take it any longer.  Here are some oldschool  pictures that me and J took about four years ago.  This was on our Texas to Nebraska roadtrip when she first moved.  Ohmygawsh – amazing. My how times have changed.

Bring on the SPF and gatorade.  It’s going to be a hot one.


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