Dr. Oz & His Magical Smoothie

I’m going to be honest here….I HATE working out.  I’m talking it’s my least favorite thing to do – right behind being stuck in an elevator for eternity and right in front of being the one who taste tests baby food….blech.  About three times a year, I decide I should go for a run or something.

(proof that I ran – and sometimes paint my fingernails….sometimes)

Thankfully, I inherited some pretty awesome genes and a set of parents who are totally health food (and work out) pros.  I’m sure they have no idea where this child came from who hated sports and inhaled sugar.  They are also avid Dr. Oz watchers (Oprah’s right hand medicine man).  Because working out is super hard for me, I try and eat as healthy as possible (ok, so maybe I’ll nom down on some cupcakes every now and again….fine, all the time).  Anyway, my mom and pop have found this smoothie recipe from Dr. Oz that they drink every morning.  It’s a little intense (as you can tell from the ingredients below) but really is super good for you and surprisingly tasty!! I think it’s better in the morning than coffee.  *gasp!* Here’s to summertime.

1 cup juice of your choice (I use OJ….yummy yummy OJ)
3/4 cup frozen fruit (strawberry, peaches, berries)
1/2 banana
2 tablespoons whey protein
2 tablespoons ground flaxseed (refrigerate that baby after opening)
1 tablespoon psyullum husk
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 tablespoon wheat germ (refrigerate this one too)
1 fish oil tablet (cut tablet and squeeze the fish oil into the blender…yea, it’s a little gross)

Throw all of this in a blender.  Blend it up.  Then…BOOM…magic healthy vitamin packed smoothie.  I’m a fan.

I love being outside and I have a super active lifestyle so don’t think I’m an advocate for sitting around and watching TV all day…because I’m not.  It’s just hard for me to enjoy working out but I plan on getting back into it soon.  Our bodies are a temple and a gift plus the only ones that we get so take care of them.  Ok, I feel better now.

xoxoxo (times one million)…


11 Responses to “Dr. Oz & His Magical Smoothie”

  1. Jules@Baires Says:

    Hola! I’ve never been a work out pro, either. But dancing has always been my cup of tea. Go check somosloquevolamos.blogspot.com, this is my form of working out. Totally awesome! pure energy!

  2. bookjunkie Says:

    I know i need to exercise but i can’t seem to drag myself up to actually do it. Think I need a pep talk from Dr Oz 🙂 I love your blue nails by the way…very cute!

    • sunshineandstarlight Says:

      It’s so hard!!! I think we can do it though. Dr. Oz is a miracle worker. Hehe. Well, at least he’s super smart and mega healthy.

      The nails – oh gosh. I rarely paint them but it’s fun sometimes. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Amanda Says:

    and where did you find the said ingredients? 🙂

  4. Sasha Says:

    I’m going to try the smoothie!


    P.S. Your uber adorable!! 🙂

  5. Lindsay Says:

    I absolutely hate running too. I would much rather walk 5 miles than run a quarter mile anyday!! Have a great week!

  6. jazziefizzle Says:

    i hate working out too! but I find if I go to classes at the gym I actually make the most of my time there and don’t slack off as much. Love yoga and pilates and dance classes especially but aerobics is way more fun than just running on the treadmill or the road!

    Smoothie is a good idea (but i just can’t live without my coffee hehe)

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