::OK Go::

They’ve blown my mind one more time.  My gosh, I ::love:: these guys!! I had to dedicate my morning to the video creative geniuses, OK Go.  Watch and prepare to smile….a lot (and say “whoa, that’s freaking awesome” a few times.)

I’ve already posted this video once, a few months ago, but had to include it one more time.  It’s just that good!


5 Responses to “::OK Go::”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Have you seen the Ted Talk about how one of these was shot? It is pretty flipping amazing how the shoot came together in first place.

  2. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Love love love the goose in the middle of the End Love video! He was right in the middle of everything :-}

  3. Emily Says:

    I totally love OK Go and the “this too shall pass” video is one of my favorites. Nice post!!

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