Vacation:: Part 2

Now…where did I leave off?  Oh yes!

Thursday evening:
Finished my yummy coffee and ran around town with Charlie!

A little vintage shopping on Mississippi Avenue where I was quite proud of myself for not buying a single thing.  Afterwards, it was birthday party time for Adriana.  Her birthday cake was pretty much the most epic cake EVER!! See?

She even had a unicorn pinata…now that’s super cool.

What happened next?  Bedtime!! I was a tired little lady!!

Went to Emily, Josh, and Roxy’s BEAUTIFUL home to spend a lovely morning/afternoon making brunch food together and being absolutely lazy in the most glorious way possible.

Emily is such a sweetheart and a wonderful cook.  This girl makes the yummiest treats!! Plus, she lets me try to cook and also borrow her adorable aprons.

I love ‘family’ meals most of all in Portland.  There’s something about dining together that brings people closer.  Laughing and enjoying the day….so nice.  We even had pretty flowers to decorate the dining room.  *smile*

And Josiah gave me the ‘don’t eat meat unless you know exatly where it came from’ face….

After brunch the crew got a little restless so we decided to run over to the park and…

play kickball – because that’s what you do in boots and with a partly deflated four square ball.  *wink*  It really was so fun…rain and all.  I’m still sore from that game and that is a sad reality.  After the game (which I’m sure that our team won….yea) we prepared dinner together and climbed on the rooftop just in time for the sunset.

And maybe we threw firecrackers off the roof at Milly’s neighbors… *hehe*

and discovered our shadows across the way and asked them to dance…

We finished the night with 15+ people cuddled together in the living room watching The Emperor’s New Groove….and laughed even more. Beautiful.

I spent the morning exploring with my buddy Aaron!  He was so kind and drove me around all day long.  We met at Albina Press for coffee (because a day in Portland can’t begin without it)…

And headed to the Farmer’s Market where I got some yummy cherries and peaches!! Ohmygosh!! The food is so yummy and fresh….my heart was full.

And we played at Portland Saturday Market (where I bought some super rad old polaroids…)

Then, back to Aaron’s for a moment to take care of his garden – which was so huge and really amazing!! Yes, I was impressed!

Then I snapped some iPhone pics of the man cave where Aaron and around 35 other boys live.  Ok, not that many but it sure feels like it sometimes.  Here is your own little glimpse into the man cave where you will see a cameo by Michael, one of my newest favorite people and also one of the roomies.

And here you will see the spider that almost bit Michael’s head off…so, he squished it.

More man cave photos:

And me….with stolen socks, hat, and bike.

Afterwards, a trip down Hawthorne for Waffle Window and my search for suspenders!! Much like these shown below…

(Aaron snuck this picture of these freakin’ sweet suspenders at Saturday market!)

I didn’t find the Jesus suspenders but I did find an adorable red pair for $4!! Hooray!! I love thrifting!! That evening, I had sushi with my sweet friend Betty and we finished the night catching up and watching a movie…but we both promptly fell asleep.  *smile*

Happy 4th!!  Brunch with Betty at Cup and Saucer cafe (yumm!).

After brunch, I met up with Shawna and we chased some waterfalls.  This is one of my favorite parts of the Portland area….so beautiful.  We got some coffee (of course) and went driving through some beautiful country with the windows down and pretty music blaring.  Yes, we stopped for a short hike and some pictures.  Multnomah Falls (the huge waterfall with the bridge seen below) is so pretty but much like the McDonald’s of waterfalls — it’s always so crowded!! Which is why we kept driving to the not so hype places and found more beauty. 

So gorgeous!!! We had a small amount of time before church, so we met sweet Bianca for, you guess it, moooooore coffee at Palio!! It’s just so good!! We got to church and I saw my friend Ryan and I immediately busted out laughing….

Church was beautiful and the worship was so moving.  There were less than 100 of us there, but it was a precious time.  Afterwards, I went with these sweet girls for some yummy Thai food…
At dinner, Laura mentioned that she knew we had been having a wonderul trip but wanted to know how they could pray for me and my heart as I prepared to go home (this was my last night in Portland).  She also asked what was really going on inside of my heart and my head….and I started crying!! In the middle of the restaurant!! Ok, here’s something you have to realize about me…I do not cry – ever!! Especially not in front of people or at a restaurant.  Ugh…these people I swear they bring it out of me.  *sigh*  It was such a loving act for them to pray for me and to care what was going on inside of me.  I *love* these girls and will always cherish that moment.  So, thanks Laura and Shawna.  *huge hug*

Later, we headed back to Emily’s for a huge party that consisted of yummy food, watching fireworks all around us as we cuddled under blankets on the roof, dancing with sparklers (still on the roof – don’t tell my parents), yelling reasons to everybody around us why America is so great (again, off of the roof), watching a band play a late night show inside a food cart, and again leaving with a head full of memories. 

 Then the day I knew was coming but wished it could have waited a little longer to appear….

Last day!  Eek!  

I met Emily for lunch at The Tin Shed where we shared a sweet conversation about life and biggest fears — her’s is people wearing animal heads….I’m serious. *smile*  She is the most precious girl!!! So glad I got to spend my last moments with her!! Then, in a huge hurry, I ran back to Tyler’s and gave him a huge hug for letting me stay at his place all week then headed to the airport….and cried the entire way.

Let it be known that I ::love:: the life I have in Texas.  There’s not a moment where I’m comparing my friends and family to what I have in Portland thinking one is superior to the other….but there’s a part of me that comes alive in Oregon.  I’m surrounded by some of the most incredibly selfless and loving people I know plus it’s GORGEOUS.  Oh man, is it gorgeous.  I have a deep affection for the northwest that cannot be explained and it’s ok if you don’t understand…I do.  I’m sad when  leave because of how happy I am when I’m there.  (but yes, I love being in Texas too!) *smile*

My vacation could not have been more perfect.  I’m so thankful.  Very, very thankful.  So now I’m back!! Back to blogging 4-5 times a week and getting into mischief as well as I can around Dallas.  However, I won’t stay away too long, Portland.  I’ll see your pretty face in October.

Until then, I’ll love you forever.


18 Responses to “Vacation:: Part 2”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    I love when things are this wonderful. Thanks for these wondeful highlight reels, it feels almost like I was there!

  2. donna norvell Says:

    Hi Laura –

    Thanks for making me smile, smile and smile some more tonight! I love having you share all about your time in Portland and the special people you spent time with. What a special gift from the Lord just for you.

    I look forward to seeing you in October even for a few moments at WOF. You are truly very special to me.

    Love ya much.

    donna 😉 Eph. 3;20

  3. ~ calista ~ Says:

    I love this – love seeing you have such fun and see such awesome sites with such fantastic people. Awesomeness!

    Portland for you is like Colorado for me…it just makes my soul sing.

  4. Cheray Says:

    Looks like you had an amazing trip and such a wonderful time with your friends! 😀
    Love your photos, & love all those delicious looking coffees you had!! Yumm! 😀
    This whole post is filled with fun! (how did you manage not to spend a cent in that vintage store? Quite sure I would have left with armfuls of goodies!)

    • sunshineandstarlight Says:

      It was perfect in every single way. Thanks for reading about it! 🙂 I spent a little cash in the bookstore and on yummy food all…week….long. Oh man. You need to go!!

      • Cheray Says:

        Ahhh Food and coffee is where all my money would go actually! LoL
        I’m making a trip to Portland early next year for the first time EVER (apart from a midnight drive through it on a greyhound bus many many years ago…) and i’m sooo excited (especially since amazing coffee seems to be everywhere!) wooo x

      • sunshineandstarlight Says:

        I’ll make you a list of ‘things to do’ if you want!! 🙂

      • Cheray Says:

        that would be incredible!! 🙂
        Thanks love x

  5. Terry Says:

    Thanks for starting my day off right! You truly have a heart of gold. I can tell how much fun you had an how much you love it there! Tell Ryan that mustache is awesome. All of your friends sounds so amazing! Hopefully one day you will take me to the Mcdonalds of all waterfalls!!!! Lol

  6. Jamie (inspired mess) Says:

    Oh, how I love this! It brings tears to MY eyes! 😉 You captured it all so beautifully here! Can I come next time??? hehe
    The unicorn party…oh my goodness. I love it. There’s a joke about unicorns that Janel & I (& some others) have and she sent me a giant pink blow up unicorn that I got when I got back. It’s so funny. Grayson keeps putting it in front of my face saying “She wants her mommy!” ha!
    Your dancing shadows pic is one of my faves. LOOOOVE!!!!
    Welcome home and I’m so glad that you had such an amazing time!!! Those are most definitely precious memories!!!!!
    I just got your comment! We were almost leaving comments at the same time, hehe. I DO hope you can make it to the blogger bash! You must!!!! Pretty please with sugar and 40 unicorns on top?????? =)
    You’re a treasure, Miss Laura!!!! Happy day to you!!!!! Love YOU to pieces!!!! xoxo

  7. Lindsay Says:

    Hey Laura!! Your vacation pics are absolutely amazing!! Im only a tad bit jealous, ok maybe a lot of jealous!!I sent off your card last weekend so you should be getting it very soon!! I am so excited to be your happy Mail partner!! yay!!
    loves ya!

  8. Erin Says:

    1.) I’m PRETTY sure we’re soul mates and need to become friends immediately. We’re too much alike not to become friends.
    2.) I haven’t even taken my trip to Portland and your pictures already want to make me move there ASAP. I will live there one day. I know it.
    3.) When I am in Portland, I’m going to search for Mississippi Ave. to find that vintage shop and buy everything I can in there.

  9. august is for birthday wishlists « words & other pretty things Says:

    […] lots of coffee […]

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