Fridays Are So…Special

I have the coolest boss in the world.  I’ve always believed that but her cool status elevated to immeasurable when she invited me to take part in the following activity:

For those of you that aren’t from the south, you may not be familiar with the heaven of fast food known as Chick Fil A.  I wouldn’t classify it as fast food because of its deliciousness.  MMmmmm…those delectable little nuggets are straight goodness for your mouth.  Ohmuhgaw.  You’ll find me there at least twice a week and luckily for us all, I live across the street from one.  Hallelujah!! Ok, back to the point of the story.  Nicole remembered that Friday was Cow Appreciation Day.  Here’s what that translates into — dress like a cow and get free food.  So….we did.  Two trash bags, medical gloves, and a downloadable cow face from Chick Fil A were transformed into the hottest beef costume you’ve ever seen.  We got our free food in style and took pictures to prove it:

Nicole, blowing up her udder.

Cutie cow face.

As if that wasn’t great enough, I found out that my sweet friend Drew Worsham was in town for the evening! Eeee!! This is Drew:

Drew is a magic man.  No, he really is! He’s a crazy talented illusionist that travels the world doing magic and telling people about Jesus.  Plus, he is as kind as he is talented.  Not to mention he’s about 2 feet taller than I am.  Good grief.  Anyways,  he lives in Washington so I see him about once a year but I enjoy when we can hang out.  He’s such a great person to have an authentic and uplifting conversation with and those people are hard to find.  I’d say the evening was pretty perfect because of the following chain of events:

Pinkberry!! We had dessert first because it tastes better that way.  Oh man, watermelon and mango yogurt with mango, watermelon, and chocolate shavings!! SO GOOD!!!

(this is a recycled pic from the Pinkberry trip I made on Thursday…hehe) 

After dessert, we browsed Barnes and Noble for a while because we are both total nerds.  Yea, I’ll admit it.  Bonafide sat on the floor and talked about books we wanted to read and have already read nerds.  We both made a book purchase then had dinner at Cafe Brazil.  Again, so delishush. 

Here’s where the night went from good to ohmygoodness fantastic.  Drew decided we should get cupcakes!! This new place in Dallas was open until midnight and I had never been before.  So, we had dessert twice and I loved every second of it.  I’d also like to say that Dimples cupcakes in uptown are so amazing I almost cried.  I ordered Wedding Cake and Drew got Strawberry.  Then he modeled his strawberry cupcake in the most manly way possible…

Or not.  Hehe. 

Alright, I’m headed to a friends house to watch a movie!! I helped my buddy Daniel Davis shoot a wedding ALL DAY LONG so I’m beat.  Man, that is some hard work.  I hope your weekend is lovely as free Chick Fil A and cupcakes. 



7 Responses to “Fridays Are So…Special”

  1. jamie (inspired mess) Says:

    I loooove your costumes!!! Chik-fil-a is one of my very favorite places and we don’t have any nearby other than over by St. Louis or Evansville. Chicken nuggets, waffle fries and lemonade??? Yes please!!! We ate it more than once while on vacation. 🙂
    Hope you’re having a lovely day!!! xoxo

  2. Tigpan Says:

    you are seriously way to cute for words! FOR WORDS! You inspire me!

  3. Cheray Says:

    Love your cow costumes!! haha So great 🙂
    2 lots of desserts with coffee in between…AND books?!
    ahhmazing!! (especially since one of the desserts was yummy looking cupcakes! Woo!)
    Sounds like a perfect evening! x

  4. Maryam Says:

    Haha, the cow costumes are awesome.

    PS, thanks for the tip on Dimples…I’ve never heard of it! I’ll have to check it out this week 😀

  5. quatreledaanxoxo Says:

    I loved chic fil a before I became a vegetarian your about to make me go get some thanks to this post lol:)

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