Hey, Instax — I Think You’re Cute.

Lately, I’ve been very much into photography.  What I mean by that is, I’ve been very much into the idea of photography.  I’ve purchased some lovely little cameras and had the best of intentions to learn photoshop and other tools of the trade but I’m not doing so hot.  However, I do ::love:: my iPhone camera and will snap that thing at every opportunity.  I enjoy pretty pictures and easy to use cameras which is why I so very much yes please want this…

A pretty Instax camera of my very own.  And then I shall hop around and take pretty pictures all over the land and sea.  Much like these:

(all images found on We Heart It)

I will also hunt each and every one of my friends down until my bedroom wall can look like this:

(my friend Fred Egan sent me this picture as an idea for a wall but I cannot remember where he got it from! Blast! I’ll find out and post it later on!)

Get into my arms, little Instax!! Does anybody have one?  Or know the best/cheapest place to find one? Or know any websites with pretty Instax pictures for inspiration? 

Thanks for reading!! Your comments and thoughts make me super happy.  You’ll find good people all over this blog and in the comments section.  You rock, kitty cats. 


22 Responses to “Hey, Instax — I Think You’re Cute.”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    That camera looks better and better to me the more I see shots from it!

    That shot is from Lou O’Bedlam’s Flickr. Here it is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/louobedlam/

    Just watch out, clothing is not mandatory in all of those shots! ha ha.

  2. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Oops, the specific image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/louobedlam/4376901748/in/set-72157621874250509/

  3. bookjunkie Says:

    that white camera is gorgeous…i want one too 🙂

  4. Lindsay Says:

    ahhh this is on my bday wish list im posting tomorrow!! i want the pink instax badly!!!! yes yes yes!! love you!!!

  5. Erin Tang Says:

    Okay…the last picture looked like what you might find on the wall of a serial killer’s apartment…if you get that wall I might have to stay in a hotel when I come visit! (It also reminds me of your obsessive JTT wall a little bit. lol)

  6. Jessica Marie Says:

    I have one!! I LOVE it! I bought it through walmart.com, so far they seem to have the best price =]


  7. Cheray Says:

    I have an instax mini and it is the greatest! I’ve taken over 100 photos so far (i’m just bad with the whole scanning business! eeeps!)
    I got mine from http://www.accessoryjack.com/
    The cameras and bulk film are much cheaper then any of the shops that i’ve seen 🙂
    Plus the camera just looks so cute! 🙂
    (i’m one of those annoying people that goes out and has at least 3 cameras in my bag! My friends hate me! hahaha)

  8. sunshineandstarlight Says:

    Accessory Jack? Never even heard of that! Thanks a ton, dear!! Now I want to see your pictures!! I snap pictures all the time to and now my friends ask if it’s going to be on social media somewhere. Hehe. And yep, it probably will. Have a lovely day, Cheray!

    • Cheray Says:

      Yea – I found it while googling for instax film (it’s sooooo expensive here!! Cameras are $220 & film is $50 for 2pack!) – I’ve ordered a few cameras from accessory Jack (for the mister & a friend) and more film then can count! Yay happy snapping x

  9. rebeccacore Says:

    They are pretty cheap on Amazon.com. I now officially want one too. Maybe we should gift each other for our birthday. 🙂

  10. Kristen Nicholls Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I get WAY too excited when someone leaves a comment 🙂

    Crochet is 10x easier than knitting! My best advice…try youtube. You can pretty much learn anything on youtube haha!

    Your blog is SUPER adorable! I will definitely be back 🙂

  11. CaL Says:

    that wall is amazing! you blog is so fun & cute! =)

  12. CaL Says:

    your* …ugh. my quick fingers are faster than my brain! haha!

  13. nyc Says:

    oh, Im late…someone already told you that polaroid wall is a la Lou. Hes pretty entertaining to say the least. He takes mostly film and has the funniest commentary, you should check out his flickr 🙂

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