Think Happy Thoughts

(We Heart It)

Hello there! I’m trying to fill my mind with pretty pictures and happy thoughts because at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow I’ll be going under the knife.  Yep. It’s time for my oral surgery. Ew, ew, ew, EW!!!

Here’s the deal:
I need a brand new front tooth (thrilling) and the best way to go about this, in my dentist’s opinion, is to get a little dental implant.  How glorious!! I’ve already had one tooth implant plus a shiny gold one added to the back.  Might as well introduce another to the jacked up family that is my grill.  I’ll name her Fran.

The ugly part?  I hate being sedated.  I also hate medications of any kind and yea, I’ll be taking a few of them.  Prayers? Welcomed.  I’d also like to give the following warning::

If I tweet or blog anything tomorrow then know it
was under CrAzY sedatives so please ignore.

Now to think of pretty things like this:
(We Heart It)

I have so many things I want to blog about so I’ll be super busy after the surgery is final. No more of this skipping a couple of days business.  Say bye to my tooth.  This is the last time you’ll see him alive.

(Pike’s Market in Seattle)


12 Responses to “Think Happy Thoughts”

  1. bookjunkie Says:

    I am scared of surgery too. Sending you lot of love and hope you make a quick recovery.

    Love the pic of the pretty especially with the diffused/soft lighting

  2. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Oh, I’ll send some prayers your way. If you name your grill Fran, I’ll name mine Agnes {it’s an old family name}.

  3. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    I’ll definitely say a prayer for you … and your tooth! It must be surgery week — my stepfather just had his shoulder fixed this morning, and my older brother is going to have dental surgery on Thursday. I hope everything goes well, and that the effects all pass quickly!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Love you so much! Praying for you right now, and will continue till I hear that you are out of surgery and good.
    I’m a hop, skip and jump away if you need me. ❤

  5. Erin Tang Says:

    I HOPE you blog tomorrow! Like….for real….at least call me or something! Eat a big dinner! On a more serious note-you will be in my prayers from now until then-and even after, of course, since you’ll still be my SISTER! Just allow the medicine to do its thing and go to sleep…no conducting-and wave to Dr. Dean for me!

  6. jamie (inspired mess) Says:

    You’ll definitely be in my prayers all day long! I hate the dentist more than anything! He wants me to get an implant for a tooth I broke off but I think I’m going to do without! Big hugs to you!!! Think lots of happy thoughts and God will be right there with you! xoxo

  7. Glass*Plant Says:

    Many happy thoughts and prayers to you!

  8. Cheray Says:

    Hope it goes well love! Sending lots of happy thoughts your way x

  9. Erin Tang Says:

    Mamma said everything went well. I can’t wait to see a picture! I hope you’re enjoying your drugs as much as I’m enjoying your tweets.

  10. Lindsay Says:

    I can totally understand the fear of being sedated. I have a huge one. Ive had a really bad experience with my c-section and when I got a root canal. I am now terrified!!!!! I hope everything goes perfectly!! Loves you!!!!

  11. Digital Molly Says:

    AWW PONY! It’ll all be goood. LOVE your sedated tweeting… but miss yo face!

  12. That One Time I Swallowed My Tooth… « Says:

    […] had a front tooth implant surgery back in July.  You can jog your memory and read more about that here (part I) and here (part II) .  The main instruction received after surgery was that whatever […]

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