Oh Hey Guys, I Survived…

(We Heart It)

The tooth fairy has come and gone and the surgery was a success.  I now have a pretty new front tooth!! Of course, I can’t eat anything crunchy for about 6 weeks….oh gosh, there go Baked Lays and Wheat Thins with hummus. 

My sweet mom arrived yesterday and filled my apartment with yummy goodies!! She just started cooking and now my fridge is full of homemade (and squishy) comfort food.  Yes indeed.  She also got me this:

The How To Boil Water cookbook came swiftly from Amazon.   I cannot cook to save myself and this book is fantastic.  It literally goes through every step from boiling an egg to preparing an entire meal.  If you struggle in the kitchen then this book is perfect for you.  It’s Laura Elizabeth Stephens approved. 

I headed to the oral surgeon early this morning and once they slipped me that magic blue pill I stopped remembering things, except when they told me they would be grafting cow bone into my jaw! WHAT?! Yes, I now have bovine bone in my upper jaw.  I do know that at one point during surgery I woke up and told everybody in the room that I had been dreaming about all of us on vacation together and then I invited them to come with me.  Who knows what else happened in my drugged state.  I looked back through Twitter and saw these pieces of perfection that I sent out into the internet world!! (Why didn’t anybody stop me?!)

-“I’m on a serious  buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz right now.  And I asked all the docters and nurses to go on vacation with me during surgery.”
-“I have the prettiest front tooth in all the land now.  Man that took a lot out of me to type.  Happppy!”
-“Room is spinning and I can’t drive my car but I can sure tweet!  Feel free to unflow during my sedative and pain killers rant.  Muahaha.
-“All it took was a little blue pill from the nurse and a jolly smile as they watched and waited.  Eyes clooooosing now.”

After a lovely drug induced nap, I woke up and my mom had gotten all of my meds.  Yea, there’s a lot.

She also bought me flowers. *smile* I ::love:: flowers so very much.  I can’t understand girls that hate them.  They make me so happy.

We then went to movies (Despicable Me, SO CUTE) and had a yummy dinner at La Madeline.  She kept watching to make sure I didn’t try and go for something crunchy.  Oh goodness.  It was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, running around town with my mom. 

Ches (yep, that’s his real name) came by to hang out with us after dinner. He’s such a sweetheart! He even made me a mix tape:
Thanks for all of your kind words about the surgery.  I’m fit as a fiddle now.  xoxo!!


19 Responses to “Oh Hey Guys, I Survived…”

  1. Digital Molly Says:

    I left a smiling tooth drawing on your desk. But your real tooth is cuter.

    Get well quick buttercup!

  2. Rand Says:


  3. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Yay! So glad you came through safe and sound!

  4. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    I’m glad it went well! Now you can also claim to be part cow, which is pretty cool. The only problem is now I’m seriously craving Wheat Thins and hummus. mmm … possibly one of the best combinations ever.

  5. Amanda Says:

    If you are part cow does that increase your love for chicfila. Do you think last week’s dressing up as a cow was a prediction of the future? When I see you can I call you Laooooooora? – yep all of these comments made without a little blue pill….but def with a brain that struggled to sleep last night….a little blue pill would be great! Loves!

  6. Jamie (inspired mess) Says:

    So glad you’re doing well! Hope you are pain free!!! & I loooove the mix cd with the tooth on front. That is so great! hehe
    Still praying for you! Love & Hugs! xoxo

  7. Erin Says:

    I’m glad everything went well and I hope you enjoy your new tooth!! 😀 And don’t worry, some of the best kinds of food are squishy, i.e. jello, pudding, yogurt, smoothies…mmmm.

  8. Lindsay Says:

    yay so glad you made it through your surgery. I got your cute facts card yesterday and I wrote you back last night so you should have a cutie card on its way to you now!!! I enjoyed your twitters by the way. And isnt great having an awesome mom to take care of you. Love it!!! hugs!

  9. Jason Says:

    isn’t there another infamous “magic blue pill”? some readers might find this allusion misleading. haha

  10. Cheray Says:

    Glad you’re all better love 🙂
    Gorgeous flowers your Mama got you!
    (those tablets do not look fun though!)

  11. That One Time I Swallowed My Tooth… « Says:

    […] surgery back in July.  You can jog your memory and read more about that here (part I) and here (part II) .  The main instruction received after surgery was that whatever happened – DO NOT […]

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