::Aunt Laura – I Like The Sound Of That::

I have super amazing fantastical news!! My little sister and Ricky are having a baby!! Which means I’m going to be an aunt!! Eeeee!! My sis is my only sibling and this is their first child so I’m so beyond happy about it. I mean just look how cute this kid is going to be with parents like this:

I can only imagine how cute he/she will be.  I’m guessing something like this:

And you better believe I’m buying it presents all the time, starting with a panda costume:

Asian babies are my favorite.  She (I’m speaking it forth) will be adorable no matter what!! But for right now, the little blueberry looks like this.  Precious.

Congrats, Ricky and Erin Tang!!! Hooray!


10 Responses to “::Aunt Laura – I Like The Sound Of That::”

  1. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Awww! Yay! Congratulations! I’m going to be an aunt too, I just haven’t done a post about it yet :-}

  2. Molly Says:


    And yay

  3. jamie-grace Says:

    “Asian babies are my favorite”

    …Excuse me, why do we have so much in common? I just (as in 2 minutes ago) got out of the attic with my dad looking for my Asian cabbage patch doll that I got when I was little. I hope I have little Blasian babies someday…

    Congrats to your sister and her husband!!. …And you! lol

  4. Amanda Says:

    So so wonderful!!!!! SO excited for them and you guys! I agree about the Asian baby thing…do you think the thought just runs through our family:) haha

  5. bookjunkie Says:

    I love that panda costume pic! the child will definitely have the most fabulous aunt…that’s for sure. congrats to your family!! 🙂

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