My Weekend in Pictures!

Camera ready….like always!!

My sweet Jessica’s bachelorette party!! Loads and loads of sugar + lots of pretty little flirty things for Jessica (soon to be Douglas).

Pool time with my girls!

My parents and little sister came in town that afternoon so we could go out on the town for birthday festivities!! Mexican food and Pinkberry!! My friend Amy came along.  I opened my presents before we left and guess what the coolest parents ever got me??! A skydiving jump!!! I’m going with one of my close friends the last weekend in August.  I’ve been once before and I LOVED it.  How cool is my family? Seriously.

That night, I came home to find my dad destroying my old/broken television.  It was too huge to carry out of the house so they broke it down.  Disaster!!

My little prego sister helped.

And then promptly fell asleep.  Awww…..

More pool time!!

I was showered with some major love all weekend.  I also got my Happy Mail packages from the sweetest ladies ever!! If you aren’t familiar with Happy Mail, please check it out here.  It’s a fun way to  meet other bloggers and get beautiful packages in the mail.  Like this one from Lindsay.

Look at the cute things I got this weekend from my family and Happy Mail!!

My sweet blog/Happy Mail friend Jamie made this especially for me and I LOVE it!!  She also started the Happy Mail thing so check out her adorable blog and show her some love. 

To make the weekend even more perfect I got a free Starbucks treat on the way to church.  Mmmm…. Iced caramel macchiato! Delish!!

A lovely weekend indeed.  *smile*


7 Responses to “My Weekend in Pictures!”

  1. Stephanie;) Says:

    Hey there! I found you from Lindsay. Lovely blog. I’m linking you! 🙂

  2. Jamie (inspired mess) Says:

    Such a great weekend!!! I wanna go skydiving!!! Lucky girl! How fun!!! 🙂

  3. Erin Tang Says:

    You’re awfully sneaky with that camera!

  4. thoughtsappear Says:

    Marshmallows, Oreos, and cupcakes…that is awesome!

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