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August 30, 2010


These are some of my favorite fall images taken last year (yes, on my iPhone).  Many were taken in Portland.  ::i miss it terribly:: Come quickly, fall.  I can hardly wait.



August 29, 2010

I’m sleepy as can be so I’m only going to share a few pictures of the skydiving extravaganza.  It was an unbelievable rush and I would love to get certified so I can jump alone one day.  There’s nothing really like it.  Oh….I LOVED every second of it.  Especially when we did a front flip OUT OF THE PLANE!!! EEEK!!!! So here are some pics until I make a longer past later on…..

{Amy jumped first and survived…thankfully.  CrAzY hair!}

{Loading up with some of the coolest guys ever…ever!}

{Oh hey, that’s me in the pink!}

{Success and I was ready to jump again…and again….and a few more hundred times!}

It was extra memorable because my family and friends were there to watch us jump.  I also flew over my hometown and that is just trippy.  *smile* So yea, I’m most assuredly doing it again.  I’ll share more pics later on!! It’s bedtime now.

*wish list*

August 27, 2010

I’m saving up my pennies for these pretty little items. 

1: vintage record player
I’ve already started collecting vinyl!  So far I have The Bee Gees, Bon Iver, John Lennon, Chicago, The Eagles, The Mamas & The Papas, John Denver and The Beatles.

{We Heart It}

{We Heart It}

2: vintage cameras
My dad gave me two of his old film cameras & now I’m in love with their look. 

{We Heart It}

{We Heart It}

{We Heart It}

3: colorful typewriter
My friend Meredith used this one at her wedding and I’ve decided I can’t live without it.  (Ok, that was slightly dramatic but you get what I’m saying.)

{photo from Mer’s wedding}

{The Dainty Squid}

4: old jars
I want to store all of my little buttons in them.

{We Heart It}

{We Heart It}

And possibly make my back patio look something like this…
{We Heart It}

Wish me luck!!

Listen to Pretty Notes

August 26, 2010

::because music makes every day better::

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

{We Heart It}

{Pearl Cup, We Are 1976, & Lula B’s}

August 25, 2010

I’d say the three places mentioned above made my Monday off close to perfect. 

{iPhone photo….the usual}

Pearl Cup is a trendy little coffee shop off of Henderson/Knox and I’ve loved it every time I go.  The owners are super chill and laid back plus they like to talk…and anybody that enjoys conversation wins my affection immediately.  The only thing that drives me  slightly crazy is the early closing time.  I really wish there was a coffee shop that was open 24 hours around here.  Maybe I’ll find it one day.  Anyways, the coffee and food are tasty and the atmosphere is relaxed and chill.  Here’s a shot at the inside of Pearl Cup:

{Dallas Observer shot…I believe it was the grand opening} 

On to shopping…oh how I love shopping (a bit too much).  Right next to Pearl Cup you will find the raddest store in Dallas – We Are 1976.

{google image of We Are 1976…sweet right?}

I could browse this quirky little store for hours and want everything in it.  Yes, it’s a tad on the pricey side but most everything is made by local artists and there are tons of handmade goodies waiting to be yours.  Here are some of my favorites:

{Cups With Facial Hair}

{Mushroom Glass Canisters}

{Ninja Juicer}

{Felt Camera Case}

{Handmade Bicycle Necklace}

I’ll take one of each, please!! After We Are 1976 I ran (well drove) over to Lula B’s for some antique and vintage shopping.  Ok I LOVE this place and cannot believe it took me so long to figure out it even existed.  Here are some shots from my iPhone.   I found so much great swag and their hours of operation are simply fantastic.  Not to mention it was so organized!!

I had to bring something home.  I found a huge afghan for $35 and some adorable 60’s cups for $5 each.  Again, a little pricey but they were all in perfect condition.

If you’re in Dallas (and haven’t already) you gotta visit these places because they’re super fun but will also steal your money. 

Bedtime for me!!


August 24, 2010

{my new motto}

Bring Your Own Sunshine - 8x10
I found this lovely print on Etsy (here) and it will be perfect on my new turquoise wall…that is, once I finally paint it.  So yea, be your own sunshine.

Speaking of flying…

August 23, 2010

…I’ll be doing this in one week.
{We Heart It}

Weekend in Pictures – Indianapolis

August 21, 2010

Another memorable weekend working at the Women of Faith event.  This weekend I was in the lovely Indianapolis.  Here are some pics I took while running to and fro (fro…what a cool word).  Forgive the photo multiple personalties.  I couldn’t decide on one picture app to use on the ole iPhone.  Here goes nothin’.

Nic and I at the most delicious (and adorable) cupcake place in downtown Indianapolis.  It’s called The Flying Cupcake!! So cute and mighty tasty.

Jon came along too.  He was our bodyguard all weekend *wink* and was totally outnumbered in that cupcake shop.  He was actually the only man in sight. 

Told you this place was adorable!

We stumbled into a street fair and saw some life size felt monsters. Eek!

As always, playtime can’t last forever.  Want to know part of my job when I’m traveling around from city to city?

…accompanying amazing people like Lisa Whelchel shown here (Blair from the Facts of Life) to local TV interviews.  She did a wonderful job, as always.

We also run around with walkie talkies in case anything {crazy} happens…and it always does.

I spend time admiring our beautiful stage design.  My goodness, our production team is fantastic!!! See?  Gorgeous and super *shiny*!

The best part of my job (well, one of the best parts) is hearing messages and music from our brilliant and talented Women of Faith team.  I run around all weekend tweeting and facebooking like the social media nut that I am.  Tweets like this.  People like…


Anita Renfroe

Steven Curtis Chapman

Sandi Patty and Melinda Doolittle

and Patsy Clairmont.  I’ll say one of my high points of my weekend was when Patsy told me she thought I was cute .  I only hope to be as spunky and adorable as her one day!! ::love::  Want to hear something unbelievable?  The people you see on the stage are just as wonderful and inspiring in real life.  They’re so fun!

Want a peek at what happens backstage?  Well, we work a lot and occasionally…

…we light ear candles on fire and marvel at the flame. 


You should always make best friends with the on duty policeman.  Never know when you’ll need their services.

I felt extra protected because one of the sheriffs happened to be a pistol expert.  I’m serious!! I wouldn’t lie to you about such a serious matter! *smile*

Guess what else happened?  I finally got to meet the beautiful and amazingly sweet Jamie, from Inspired Mess and Happy Mail! We have been blog friends for quite a while and meeting in person was a highlight of my weekend.  I’m so glad she came to the event and I snuck in a quick hug or two.  xoxox, Jamie!

Drat, I really need a flash on my iPhone or to start using a real camera. 

Downtown Indianapolis is gorgeous! There’s character around every corner.  One of my favorite parts are the seafoam green fire hydrants. 

One of my least favorite moments?  Getting back to the hotel during rush hour, waiting forever for an extra long elevator ride,  finally getting to my room on the 15th floor and  realizing my key didn’t work.  So…I took the stairs to the lobby because the elevator line was ridiculous (plus, I HATE elevators) then took those stairs right back up.  Talk about a hot sweaty irritable mess I was after that.  Oh well, I’ll consider it my work out for the weekend.  I’ll need something to balance out the caffeine and sugar I inhaled for the past three days.  I usually stay away from caffeine but I need something for these long (but oh so fun) days. 

That’s all I’ve got!! Goodnight and much love to you!! xxoxx!


August 19, 2010

{taken today from the plane}

My soul is in the sky. 
–William Shakespeare

When you think about flying, it’s nuts really.  Here you are at about 40,000 feet, screaming along at 700 miles an hour and you’re sitting there drinking Diet Pepsi and eating peanuts.  It just doesn’t make any sense. 
–David Letterman

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. 
–Leonardo Da Vinci 

Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society.  The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute. 
–Gil Stern

I ::love:: to fly.  I’m not exactly sure what I love so much about it but there’s something magical that can’t be explained when you’re so high in the air looking down on the clouds.  The only reocurring dream I’ve ever had is that I could fly.  I think if I really tried hard enough it’s possible that I could figure it out…without wings or an airplane.  *smile*  I’m a lucky girl to travel as much as I do and get excited every time I’m at the airport.  It’s just good. 

Naptime for me! Super busy weekend ahead.  I’ve already enjoyed downtown Indianapolis and I’ve only been here a few hours.  This is such a rad city!! Goodnight!

Discovering Dallas: Mokah Coffee & Dimples Cupcakes

August 18, 2010

So it begins…our journey to find the lovely areas of Dallas.  Last night I joined Ashley and Christin at Mokah Coffee Bar in Deep Ellum for Open Mic Night.  Every Tuesday night you can listen to music from 7 pm until close…for free!

{photo taken by Christin}

I immediately loved the vibe of Mokah.  I especially loved the huge and well lit FREE parking lot just for Mokah Coffee Bar.  That is a win in my book any day.  The coffee was delicious and a great price.  Ashley got a coke for $1 and my yummy white mocha was about $3.  The only negative thing was that they had no food.  We were hungry (as usual) and really wanted a cookie, scone, carrot stick…something. 

{taken with my iPhone}

{iPhone photo from Mokah}

{Christin and Ashley}

The vibe was super laid back and chill, which I always appreciate.  We couldn’t stop taking pictures of the lounge area because it was so sweet!! Every week they feature acoustic guitar singer/songwriters so we watched and listened and chatted the evening away.  Slightly odd that the place wasn’t too packed.  I don’t feel that Dallas has the hip-and-with-it music scene down yet but we are trying.

{iPhone photo….man I really need to use my real camera sometimes}

All in all, a great place to hang out alone or meet a group to hang out in a unique atmosphere.  I’ll go again…for sure.  But I’m packing a snack. *smile*  I believe they also have free Internet, however I need to check and make sure next time.  The coffe shop is hooked on to an art gallery and sometimes they have live concerts in another room of the building.  Great place to see a show.  Need something to do this Saturday?  This looks rad!! It was on a postcard in Mokah.  I’d go but I’ll be in Indy!!

Because our sweet tooth was still in need of a fix, Ash and I headed to Dimples Cupcakes in West Village.  These are the most amazing cupcakes in Dallas (in my professional opinion) and they are open until 11 p.m.  Not only that, but the area is lit up with *Chrismas lights* all the time.  Hello!? Purrfection.

{iPhone pic} 

The cupcakes are about $4 a pop but they’re pretty big and oh so delishush.  I’d say they’re the perfect cake to icing ratio…mmmm.  I went with lemon and Ash the classic red velvet.  This is why we’re friends – we even have the perfect cupcake combo down.  Of course we shared, duh.

{perfection captured with my iPhone}

They have a little dining room off to the side where you can chat and enjoy your slice of heaven.  See the excitement on Ashley’s face?  So good.  Oh I want one right now.  Dang it, every time. 

{iPhone photo of my adorable friend, Ashley}

Operation find something lovely in Dallas was a success.  One down and hopefully many more to go.  So yes, check out Mokah and Dimples.  They get the approval of all who were there (and we are pretty rad, if I do say so myself, which I am….saying it myself.)

Thanks to everybody who left suggestions on the earlier Dallas post!! This is going to be fun.  Maybe I’ll even (gasp) love Dallas one day.  Whoa…..I’m signing off now. *wink*