Mint Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies…

…or as Meredith and I called them, August St. Paddy’s Day Ghetto Whoopie Pies.  This is week two in my personal cooking journey and I spent it with my dear college pal, Mer.  Love her to the moon and back. We decided to try something neither of us had baked before and went with the Mint Chocolate Chip Whoppie Pie recipe from Cake Spy, found here.  Check out the recipe and make some yourself if you wish.  They’re extremely easy to make and delishush, plus hello, they’re green!  I’d like to take you on a picture journey featuring mine and Mer’s adventure in bake land.

{iPhone photo of our yummy GREEN pies}

This was our delightful little cooking space, Tyler and Mer’s love nest.

The 3 bags (yes, 3) of chocolate chips that went into this recipe!  Sugar overload!!

All was good until we realized the recipe called for corn syrup and all we had was vegetable oil.  Were these interchangeable?  Who knows?  Google always knows.  So….we googled it.
To google: “Is corn syrup the same as vegetable oil?”
Google’s response: “Not even close.”

We braved the scary elevator and walked in 94 degree heat (at 8:45 pm…ew) to the little market to try and find some corn syrup for our whoopie pies.

At first we couldn’t find it anywhere but then I heard Mer’s cry of “Praise the Lord!!” ringing through the market and I knew we were victorious.  Boom.  Let the baking begin. (This picture was meant to distract me from the scary elevator.  It helped.)

The yummy goodness PLUS some corn syrup.

It begins…

Mer used her mad math skillz to half the recipe because there’s no way on earth we could have eaten that much whoopie pie.  Notice the recipe now calls for 1 1/2 eggs!! Ummm…..

So I halfed the egg the only way I knew how….with my hands.  Ew, so slimy.

Then, before we knew what happened, tragedy striked.  An egg exploded all over Mer and she ran screaming “A BABY CHICKEN IS RUNNING DOWN MY DRESS!!!”  You’ll all be happy to know that the crisis was quickly averted and back to cooking we went. 

The ingredients were quite sticky but don’t worry, it’s supposed to be that way.

Green food coloring!! This might have been my favorite part.

We had to blend the middle (well, the innards) a few times to make it perfect.  The middle part contains the minty goodness.  And minty goodness it was.  Yep, we tasted it.  So yummy!

Tyler (Mer’s brand new hubby) was having a guys night but he was there with us in spirit. 

While the cookies were baking we played dress up.  That’s totally normal, right?

Get your oven mitts up.

It worked!

And they were the yummiest mint chocolate chip whoopies pie martian cookies you’ve ever seen!! 


3 Responses to “Mint Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies…”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Kitchen Aid mixer! Want! I’m going to break down and buy one someday soon …

    Also, “August St. Paddy’s Day Ghetto Whoopie Pies” … ha ha. It’s just the summer celebration of my birthday. 😉 … which is St. Patrick’s Day. Yeah.

    Those look good! Now I’m hungry …

  2. Meredith Says:

    I had so much fun cooking and chatting and laughing with you, Little Laura Lou. Let’s do it again …sooner than later!!

    Love you!!

  3. Kim Says:

    Thanks so much for making these they were tasty!

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