Hi, I’m Laura…

…and I’m addicted to traveling.

Thankfully, we’re entering the brand new event season at Women of Faith (my workplace) and I’m about to spend half my weeks hopping from city to city.  Oh my heart can barely contain the good vibes.  This is my work schedule the next two months:

Back on the airplanes!  Plus, I’m taking a few personal road trips between all of those.  Crazy, crazy, crazy.  One of these trips is to Austin, TX to see jonsi in concert!! I am SO EXCITED!!! Why am I so happy about this?  See his latest music video for Animal Arithmetic below and you’ll understand….

I have a lot of the world left to see and I’m not getting any younger. *wink* For some reason, I get cabin fever if I stay in Dallas more than two weeks in a row.  I think it’s the gypsy blood running through my veins.  Know any interesting things to do in those cities?  If so, let a sister know!

Thankful for airplane recycled air, hotel shampoo, and frequent flyer miles


5 Responses to “Hi, I’m Laura…”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Wow, travel-o-rama! I’ve been to Philadelphia a few times before, but I’ve never done any touristy stuff, so I guess I’m not a lot of help. ha ha. But I’ll definitely pass it on if I remember anything.

    Also, I’ve seen Sigur Ros live before, so if Jonsi is anything like that solo, you are going to see a GREAT show. 🙂

  2. shawna Says:

    ummm i wish Portland Oregon was on your list of destinations. =(
    cause IMISSMYLAURA!!!

  3. Meredith Says:

    I’m from Omaha.

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