Weekend in Pictures

I worked at one of our conferences all weekend in Omaha, Nebraska but I did take a few seconds here and there to snap some photos while the Women of Faith event was going on.  The long work days seem to fly by because you’re having so much fun.  The people I work with are incredible….much like a family out on the road. 

{the lovely Nebraska crowd}

{our pretty stage}

{fabulous production team making the magic happen}

{the only way I don’t get completely lost backstage}

{rowr!! wild animals were loose on the concourse!}

{hh but this little cutie was there too}

{the most delicious cupcakes in Omaha:: Jones Brothers Cupcakes}

{the $30 (eek!) cab ride at 11 pm to get them was totally worth it}

{frolicking outside of the Qwest Center arena}

{home sweet 100 degree Texas home…but this watermelon lime slurpee helped fight the evil sun rays}

{new shoes for little lamb hooves}

It was a wonderful weekend.  I’m headed to Indianapolis, IN on Thursday for another event.  So much fun but for right now I’m a sleepy girl.  I hope you had a fantastic weekend. *night night*


3 Responses to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Tracy Z Says:

    i really like the colors in these shots!

    thx for sharing!

  2. sunshineandstarlight Says:

    Thank you 🙂

  3. Cheray Says:

    Absolutely love your pics! ❤ Looks like you've been having an incredible time 🙂
    So impressed with your dedication for the cupcake cause too! 😉
    loves xxx

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