Away I Go (again)

{We Heart It}

Anybody ever been to Indianapolis, IN before?  This little lamb sure hasn’t. I’ll be flying out to yet another time zone tomorrow afternoon and will be gone until Sunday.  Yep, Women of Faith is coming to Indy and I’ll be hard at work the entire time (well, I’m sure to play a little as well.)  Not only are these weekends so much fun but I’ll finally get the chance to meet Jamie from Inspired Mess!!  Over the last few months, I’ve just fallen in love with her sweet spirit and her fun blog.  She’s making a little road trip to see the event and say hello to me! 

I’m a sleepy girl.  I need to figure out a bedtime earlier than 2 a.m.  *smile* Or maybe not.  Back to work for me!! Happy August 18th!


7 Responses to “Away I Go (again)”

  1. Tigpan Says:

    If you happen to randomly pass a walmart and bring me back a Colts sweatshirt (XL from the boys department) – you’ll be my friend forever and ever. What am I saying…you’ll be my friend forever and ever anyway….but if you bring me colts gear…you would bring me much joy! P.s. Jealous! I love Indy and many people there. I also have hook ups with Dr’s there if you randomly need them.

  2. Cheston Says:

    I went to Indy during the winter of 2004 while I was living in Houston. Imagine a nice balmy day in the 60s when you get on the plane, and then when you step out of the plane it is nearly freezing. Yeah, I didn’t plan very well and had to buy a nice heavy coat that didn’t fit very well and was too expensive. Oh yeah, I also learned that when you are in a pinch and don’t have a good bag specifically for your hangup clothes that a Glad ForceFlex trashbag will get the job done!

    Have a GREAT TIME Laura!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Have fun!! Give Jamie a big hug for me too! I want to meet both of you so bad!! 🙂 Someday I hope!

    • sunshineandstarlight Says:

      Aw I wish you could come! Maybe we will be in Utah one day and have a big party! 🙂 Did you ever get the note I sent you? Hope so! Eek!! I think I may have botched up the address on the note but the package should be arriving anyday now! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Cheray Says:

    Enjoy lovely!!
    All your travelling looks like so much fun x

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