Discovering Dallas: Mokah Coffee & Dimples Cupcakes

So it begins…our journey to find the lovely areas of Dallas.  Last night I joined Ashley and Christin at Mokah Coffee Bar in Deep Ellum for Open Mic Night.  Every Tuesday night you can listen to music from 7 pm until close…for free!

{photo taken by Christin}

I immediately loved the vibe of Mokah.  I especially loved the huge and well lit FREE parking lot just for Mokah Coffee Bar.  That is a win in my book any day.  The coffee was delicious and a great price.  Ashley got a coke for $1 and my yummy white mocha was about $3.  The only negative thing was that they had no food.  We were hungry (as usual) and really wanted a cookie, scone, carrot stick…something. 

{taken with my iPhone}

{iPhone photo from Mokah}

{Christin and Ashley}

The vibe was super laid back and chill, which I always appreciate.  We couldn’t stop taking pictures of the lounge area because it was so sweet!! Every week they feature acoustic guitar singer/songwriters so we watched and listened and chatted the evening away.  Slightly odd that the place wasn’t too packed.  I don’t feel that Dallas has the hip-and-with-it music scene down yet but we are trying.

{iPhone photo….man I really need to use my real camera sometimes}

All in all, a great place to hang out alone or meet a group to hang out in a unique atmosphere.  I’ll go again…for sure.  But I’m packing a snack. *smile*  I believe they also have free Internet, however I need to check and make sure next time.  The coffe shop is hooked on to an art gallery and sometimes they have live concerts in another room of the building.  Great place to see a show.  Need something to do this Saturday?  This looks rad!! It was on a postcard in Mokah.  I’d go but I’ll be in Indy!!

Because our sweet tooth was still in need of a fix, Ash and I headed to Dimples Cupcakes in West Village.  These are the most amazing cupcakes in Dallas (in my professional opinion) and they are open until 11 p.m.  Not only that, but the area is lit up with *Chrismas lights* all the time.  Hello!? Purrfection.

{iPhone pic} 

The cupcakes are about $4 a pop but they’re pretty big and oh so delishush.  I’d say they’re the perfect cake to icing ratio…mmmm.  I went with lemon and Ash the classic red velvet.  This is why we’re friends – we even have the perfect cupcake combo down.  Of course we shared, duh.

{perfection captured with my iPhone}

They have a little dining room off to the side where you can chat and enjoy your slice of heaven.  See the excitement on Ashley’s face?  So good.  Oh I want one right now.  Dang it, every time. 

{iPhone photo of my adorable friend, Ashley}

Operation find something lovely in Dallas was a success.  One down and hopefully many more to go.  So yes, check out Mokah and Dimples.  They get the approval of all who were there (and we are pretty rad, if I do say so myself, which I am….saying it myself.)

Thanks to everybody who left suggestions on the earlier Dallas post!! This is going to be fun.  Maybe I’ll even (gasp) love Dallas one day.  Whoa…..I’m signing off now. *wink*


6 Responses to “Discovering Dallas: Mokah Coffee & Dimples Cupcakes”

  1. Jen Crane Says:

    you should go here…

    you will love it. i even loved it, and i’m an austin snob… my friend natalie montgomery’s ( is currently hanging on the walls there (and you should be friends with her….). and I think there are some cute shops around and a couple pretty low key bars on the street.

    love you girl!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    AWESOME!! That is so great that you are venturing out in your town to find cool hang outs~I need to do more of that! 🙂

  3. christen Says:

    aren’t open mic nights the greatest?
    those cupcakes look sooo yummy! 😀

    i’m your newest follower! follow me? 🙂

    xx, christen

  4. thoughtsappear Says:

    Can I have cupcakes for breakfast? =)

    These and the ones in Nebraska look tasty!

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