{taken today from the plane}

My soul is in the sky. 
–William Shakespeare

When you think about flying, it’s nuts really.  Here you are at about 40,000 feet, screaming along at 700 miles an hour and you’re sitting there drinking Diet Pepsi and eating peanuts.  It just doesn’t make any sense. 
–David Letterman

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. 
–Leonardo Da Vinci 

Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society.  The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute. 
–Gil Stern

I ::love:: to fly.  I’m not exactly sure what I love so much about it but there’s something magical that can’t be explained when you’re so high in the air looking down on the clouds.  The only reocurring dream I’ve ever had is that I could fly.  I think if I really tried hard enough it’s possible that I could figure it out…without wings or an airplane.  *smile*  I’m a lucky girl to travel as much as I do and get excited every time I’m at the airport.  It’s just good. 

Naptime for me! Super busy weekend ahead.  I’ve already enjoyed downtown Indianapolis and I’ve only been here a few hours.  This is such a rad city!! Goodnight!


10 Responses to “{flying}”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    I love flying, too, and it’s dang tragic I haven’t flown in about a year. But in better news, I love that Letterman quote, and I really LOLed when reading it. ha.

    Enjoy Indy!

  2. Kim Says:

    Great blog post lamby. My soul is in the sky so true

  3. Marliz3e Says:

    I want to fly…. I have never set foot in a airplane, helicopter or any other flying object!! =[

  4. Lindsay Says:

    Oh my goodness I am terrified to fly!!! I woke up this morning from another bad dream about flying (they occur every other week).. but get this.. I was running from a giant MUPPET about the size of a building to hop into a plane (took off just in time) and then it crashed… everytime I always walk away from it.. crazy though right?? I want to know why I’m dreaming about muppets!!!! haha..

    ok sorry for the randomness…

    anyway so I got your sweet letter the other day!!! ❤


  5. Cheray Says:

    Ahhh!! 😛 Lindsay’s dream sounbds like one of mine!! hehehe bless!
    I absolutely love to fly! I just flew up to visit my folks and i’ll be flying back in a couple of days…
    I love the photo you took – photos out of plane windows are my favourite! ❤ ❤
    Enjoy yourself my love

  6. the littlest polly Says:

    thanks so much! I just got moved! Stressful but it’s almost all in place!

    love, polly 🙂

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