Weekend in Pictures – Indianapolis

Another memorable weekend working at the Women of Faith event.  This weekend I was in the lovely Indianapolis.  Here are some pics I took while running to and fro (fro…what a cool word).  Forgive the photo multiple personalties.  I couldn’t decide on one picture app to use on the ole iPhone.  Here goes nothin’.

Nic and I at the most delicious (and adorable) cupcake place in downtown Indianapolis.  It’s called The Flying Cupcake!! So cute and mighty tasty.

Jon came along too.  He was our bodyguard all weekend *wink* and was totally outnumbered in that cupcake shop.  He was actually the only man in sight. 

Told you this place was adorable!

We stumbled into a street fair and saw some life size felt monsters. Eek!

As always, playtime can’t last forever.  Want to know part of my job when I’m traveling around from city to city?

…accompanying amazing people like Lisa Whelchel shown here (Blair from the Facts of Life) to local TV interviews.  She did a wonderful job, as always.

We also run around with walkie talkies in case anything {crazy} happens…and it always does.

I spend time admiring our beautiful stage design.  My goodness, our production team is fantastic!!! See?  Gorgeous and super *shiny*!

The best part of my job (well, one of the best parts) is hearing messages and music from our brilliant and talented Women of Faith team.  I run around all weekend tweeting and facebooking like the social media nut that I am.  Tweets like this.  People like…


Anita Renfroe

Steven Curtis Chapman

Sandi Patty and Melinda Doolittle

and Patsy Clairmont.  I’ll say one of my high points of my weekend was when Patsy told me she thought I was cute .  I only hope to be as spunky and adorable as her one day!! ::love::  Want to hear something unbelievable?  The people you see on the stage are just as wonderful and inspiring in real life.  They’re so fun!

Want a peek at what happens backstage?  Well, we work a lot and occasionally…

…we light ear candles on fire and marvel at the flame. 


You should always make best friends with the on duty policeman.  Never know when you’ll need their services.

I felt extra protected because one of the sheriffs happened to be a pistol expert.  I’m serious!! I wouldn’t lie to you about such a serious matter! *smile*

Guess what else happened?  I finally got to meet the beautiful and amazingly sweet Jamie, from Inspired Mess and Happy Mail! We have been blog friends for quite a while and meeting in person was a highlight of my weekend.  I’m so glad she came to the event and I snuck in a quick hug or two.  xoxox, Jamie!

Drat, I really need a flash on my iPhone or to start using a real camera. 

Downtown Indianapolis is gorgeous! There’s character around every corner.  One of my favorite parts are the seafoam green fire hydrants. 

One of my least favorite moments?  Getting back to the hotel during rush hour, waiting forever for an extra long elevator ride,  finally getting to my room on the 15th floor and  realizing my key didn’t work.  So…I took the stairs to the lobby because the elevator line was ridiculous (plus, I HATE elevators) then took those stairs right back up.  Talk about a hot sweaty irritable mess I was after that.  Oh well, I’ll consider it my work out for the weekend.  I’ll need something to balance out the caffeine and sugar I inhaled for the past three days.  I usually stay away from caffeine but I need something for these long (but oh so fun) days. 

That’s all I’ve got!! Goodnight and much love to you!! xxoxx!


5 Responses to “Weekend in Pictures – Indianapolis”

  1. donna norvell Says:

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for sharing your weekend in pics from Indianapolis. What a fun time you had once again. God has given you one of the best jobs in the world and I must admit I am a bit envious! 🙂

    I do agree with Patsy that your are very cute!

    If all goes well, your package will really be in the mail this week. Been a very busy time with Tessaleigh Elizabeth in my life! Sorry for the delay.

    Have a blessed week in the Lord.

    Love in Him,

    donna 🙂 Prov. 3;5-6

  2. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    This would have been a good entry based on ear candle unicorns alone. ha ha.

  3. Laura Wynn Says:

    This sounds like a fabulous weekend!! I love that the cupcake shop had a blue cat clock! awe.some.
    I love the pics, and I think you can definitely count 15 flights of stairs as a workout. whew!
    Happy Weekend,
    Another Laura 😉

  4. Tiffany Says:

    Looks like you had a great time! So happy that you and Jamie got to meet each other, that is awesome!!
    I got my HM package and I simply LOVE everything!
    Thank you! 🙂

  5. ca Says:

    Sheesh! What a day! You are TOO cute though! & so is Jamie! Yay for blog friends. =) & awesome hydrants!

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