*wish list*

I’m saving up my pennies for these pretty little items. 

1: vintage record player
I’ve already started collecting vinyl!  So far I have The Bee Gees, Bon Iver, John Lennon, Chicago, The Eagles, The Mamas & The Papas, John Denver and The Beatles.

{We Heart It}

{We Heart It}

2: vintage cameras
My dad gave me two of his old film cameras & now I’m in love with their look. 

{We Heart It}

{We Heart It}

{We Heart It}

3: colorful typewriter
My friend Meredith used this one at her wedding and I’ve decided I can’t live without it.  (Ok, that was slightly dramatic but you get what I’m saying.)

{photo from Mer’s wedding}

{The Dainty Squid}

4: old jars
I want to store all of my little buttons in them.

{We Heart It}

{We Heart It}

And possibly make my back patio look something like this…
{We Heart It}

Wish me luck!!


6 Responses to “*wish list*”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Vinyl! It’s fun, but I think my favorite part is probably the giant album artwork. Such a nice canvas for designers, photographers and other artists. Also, I love “Death of an interior decorator.” Well, I love a lot of their songs, but yeah … that’s a favorite.

    Anyway, more impeccably good taste on display. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    P.S. Good luck!

  3. bookjunkie Says:

    I love my mum’s old typewriter and music sounds better on scratchy old records.

  4. Cheray Says:

    Goodluck!! 🙂
    I want everything on your wishlist – especially those jars to fill a backyard!! I’ve been saving jars like a mad thing in the hope of decorating my window sill (no backyard/patio for me! sadface!)
    just lovely xxx

  5. aaron r Says:

    I feel like I should get some type of shoutout for the vinyl collecting…

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