Follow Me To Freedom

I was in Philadelphia, PA all weekend and realized (once it was too late) that I had been within a few miles of Shane Claiborne’s community, The Simple Way.  Total fail on my part.  I’m wishing now I would have planned ahead and made a trip over there.  I’ve read a few of his books and have a huge amount of respect for his way of life. 

I recently finished Follow Me To Freedom: Leading and Following As An Ordinary Radical.  It’s a great read on leadership and what it takes to be a leader full of wisdom and compassion for others.  Shane Clairborne wrote the book with John Perkins, another great man.  Below are some of the many quotes from this book that inspired me:

If we cannot be reconciled with people that look different than we look, then what is reconciliation?  And there will be no true freedom for any of us unless we are first reconciled to each other and to God.

You can’t be a great leader if you can’t guide your own family with love and honor.  The basis for leadership and the greatest environment in which to develop leaders it the family.

We have a God who is continually interupting us.  We don’t want anything to alter our course, even if we know there is something beautiful on the other end of interruption.

We can learn that vulnerability is a value, not a threat.  It’s something that good leaders know well: they need other people.

The content of your character will determine the caliber of your relationships.

Courage is fear holding on for one minute longer.

I am convinced that Jesus did not just come to prepare us to die; He came to teach us to live.

Seems as though too many leaders have been soloists, and I guess that’s why so many of them are lonely people.

We need a holistic teaching – we need to be concerned about the body, the soul, the experience, the quality of life of people within the community.

The Christian life is about surrounding ourselves with people who look like someone we want to become, people who may be a few steps ahead of us on the journey.

Leadership books about vision can help.  But they can also mislead.  If we take a personality test, make a list of goals and get motivated, but it is all out of our own willpower, then ultimately, if it succeeds, it will only result in self-gratification, not in real change.  If our leadership is designed to satisfy only ourselves, ultimately we will not have many followers. 

Ok, I’ll stop now! All of that goodness was in the first 59 pages alone which means there are about 200 more full of helpful content.  Read it!! Read anything…period.  So many great books and so little time.


2 Responses to “Follow Me To Freedom”

  1. Meredith Says:

    John Perk is the man. Such an awesome urban missionary.

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