::Good Records::

So I finally got a record player (at Target, believe it or not) and I can’t stop listening to it.  Yep, I’m hooked and now all I want to do is buy new records.  Seriously, I get giddy when I’m out somewhere and start thinking about coming home to listen to Bon Iver or The Mamas and The Papas on vinyl.  This is the little beauty that stole my heart.  Want one?  Click here.

This brings me to my next stop in the attempt to find hip and with it spots in Dallas, TX.  Hello, Good Records music shop.

{pic from The Dallas Observer}

Since I started exploring Dallas I just get happier and happier around every corner.  When I started this little search I never knew all of this fun stuff existed.  I wandered into Good Records with a music budget of $0 (I underestimated my lack of willpower) and I walked out going $65 over what I had planned for.  Blast!!!!  I just couldn’t help myself.  There were some great cheap and classic vinyls downstairs but when I walked up those magic stairs to the second floor I found an entire room of brand new records.  Ohmuhgawsh.  I will say that the sales guy followed me around in a ‘Hey, little girl! Are you trying to steal something?’ type of way.  Come on, I’m as dangerous as a baby seal.  It’s cool though.  It didn’t stop me from leaving with these delicious musical numbers:

{Iron and Wine, The Postal Service and Andrew Bird – iPhone photo}

Yes, a great find for me but not so much for my bank account.  I’ll leave you now to spend time with the newest love of my life…my turntable.  Mmmm.  ::i like music::


18 Responses to “::Good Records::”

  1. nmtowell Says:

    That’s such a lovely turntable! I just bought one too & can’t wait to buy some sweet vinyl!

  2. Yi-Fu Says:

    Great album choices.

  3. Shane Jones Says:

    Check out “Bill’s Records”. It’s on Spring Valley & Coit. There’s also another store on Lamar Street. He’s got a ridiculous stockpile of vinyl. I. Mean. Ridiculous.

  4. Rebekah Says:

    Yay for you! Now I’m feeling all nostalgic for a record player. My favorite records growing up were Winnie the Pooh and my mom’s Monkees albums.

  5. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Can’t believe I forgot Good Records! I’ve only been a few times, but I’ve seen Eisley and Of Montreal play in-stores there (and have pictures of those performances).

    Also, sweet turntable. 🙂

  6. Chris Penn Says:

    thanks for coming in….i don’t think Mark Church was thinking you were stealing just wanted to be available if you needed help….either way thanks again….

  7. thoughtsappear Says:

    Vinyl is cool. I wouldn’t have thought to look at Target for a record player.

  8. Tyson Says:

    I own the same record player. My favorite listens are Beatles’ Abbey Road and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

    Quick record buying story: Found Abbey Road in mint condition for $15, talked him down to $10. Getting back home, I later found two newspaper articles reviewing the record from 1969 in the sleeve. Amazing find.

  9. Cheray Says:

    That record player is amazing!! Target?? Why doesn’t our Target have fun things like that?! 😦
    I saw a bunch of vinyl I wanted the other day…but now, to find a fun turntable! ❤

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