I Don’t Mean To Brag….

…but I have a really great job.  I think one of the best things about my position at Women of Faith is being surrounded by such Godly older women.  Have I mentioned how much fun they are?  Last week, we shot a video at Luci Swindoll’s home and somehow, by the end of the day, this is what happened.

In this picture you will find the lovely Luci Swindoll, me (plopped right down on her lap of course), Nicole (our promotions manager), Mary (our president), and Leslie (our VP of marketing).  Yea….amazing. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m the company mascot because the ladies on our team are always taking care of me. Whether I forget a toothbrush and somebody finds out from Twitter and brings me a new one (thanks, Mary) or they’re calling me to the side and asking about my life and how I’m really doing.  Always quick with a hug and a smile…these are the ladies that I look up to.  I hope to be like them when I grow up.  If you have spent any time at all around them you know why I say that. 

It’s important to spend as much time as possible with those older than us.  I feel it’s these relatonships that once were so prominent in society and now hardly exist.  I’m no idiot (well sometimes I am)….but I’ve been sat right down in the middle of some incredible people and so I’m taking every chance I have to sit at their feet and learn, by taking the time to listen.  They have a lot to share. 

Break time over!! I’m sitting backstage now in Cleveland, OH and need to get back to work.  Much love to you this weekend!!! I’m out.



9 Responses to “I Don’t Mean To Brag….”

  1. Joy Bishop Says:

    I’m STILL jealous ! i think that is a sin. Love you Laura. you are a wise young lady to realize the blessings of being put in the company of the WOF ladies !
    FYI – I stalk on facebook too ! 😉

  2. Donna Norvell Says:

    Love the picture Laura and, more importantly, love what you said about spending time with Godly older women. I think you have one of the very best jobs in the world and I wish I would have had such an opportunity at your age! What blessing for you and I know you are for the WOF team as well. What special group of ladies to be around!

    I have learned so much throughout my life from older women as well and now I am one but continue to learn from others and want to be a Godly example to others.

    Have a blessed time in Cleveland. I am praying for you and everyone there.

    Love ya much,

    donna 🙂 Eph. 3:20

  3. Jamie (inspired mess) Says:

    This makes my heart smile and I love it. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  4. jamie-grace Says:

    So I’ve got you…Nicole… Jenna….Chrissy…Molly…etc…dang, I love my job!!! 🙂

  5. Lauren Says:

    That’s a really neat job and a blessing to be around such wonderful women. 🙂

  6. Deb Barnett Says:

    It’s also crucial for older, wiser, Godly women to spend time with younger, enthusiastic Godly women. It’s encouraging and refreshing – good for the soul. :o) All that to say – you are as important to them as they are to you.

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