I’m in love….finally.

It’s never a good idea to go last minute puppy browsing.  My friend Chrissy has wanted a little dog for quite some time and always tries to convince me to get one with her.  (We are neighbors!) I don’t know what got into me but for some reason last night I got a hankering to see a little pup or two so off to Petland in Frisco we went. 

I love Petland because you can play with the little fur balls for as long as you want.  This is dangerous, I repeat, this is DANGEROUS. 

The first dog we saw stole Chrissy’s heart and I’m about 85% sure she’s going  back there to bring him home forever.  He’s the sweetest toy australian shepherd you will ever see.  Did you notice that he’s a toy? As in so cute and tiny you could just die with happiness?

He was such a little cuddler.   Then we saw the cotton ball.  He’s a natural blonde….just like me!  Although, I have no clue what kind of pup he is.  He’s just cute.  I’ll leave it at that.

Oh…those puppy eyes!  And that sweet little face!!

Ok, ok, ok so it’s all well and good and my heart was still intact.  Up to this point I was totally in the clear.  No burden or tugging in my spirit to take anybody home, until…

SLAY ME WITH THOSE BABY BLUES!! Oh my gosh, I want I need I covet I have to have him.  Listen, I’m not a huge pet person but a beautiful husky is the one dog I’ve wanted forever.  He was gorgeous, sweet and terrified.  He sat shivering as we held him in our lap for about 15 minutes or so.  Huskies are super shy at first and it takes a little bit for them to warm up to you.  But once they do….it’s love.

I apologize for the multitude of pics you’re about to see of my new infatuation.

We are meant for each other!

I was a smitten kitten for this little guy.  Then I found out his birthday is 2 days before mine.  WHA?!?!  I.AM.DYING!

After about 30 minutes of petting him he started to relax a bit.  I needed to get on home before I made a hasty decision.  I sat him down and got up to leave but he started to whine.  That sweet pathetic RIP MY HEART out baby puppy whine.  Oh good grief, I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it. 

I can’t have a puppy.  Do you know my life?  Sometimes I don’t even know why I have an apartment here in Dallas.  There’s no way that huge beautiful beast of a dog would be happy in blazing hot Texas living in a one bedroom apartment in the suburbs with a girl who is never home. Right?  RIGHT?!  Oh snap, I need somebody to talk some sense into me before I turn around and get the little precious blue eyed wonder pup. 

Sigh, one day I will have a pretty little husky of my very own.  One day.  Maybe tomorrow?  No, no I shouldn’t.  I don’t think.  Eeek….I’m in trouble.


12 Responses to “{♥♥♥}”

  1. Maryam Says:

    Oh sweet pea, puppy shopping is a dangerous sport! You did the right thing by not scooping that pretty puppy up and taking him home with you. Because you AREN’T ever home. Not fair to the pup, and not fair to you. You just need to get a roommate who is willing to puppy sit while you are away, then you’re golden 😉

  2. scarletcordministries Says:

    Those puppies are adorable!
    I once gave into the whim of wanting a puppy. My sister bought a dog that looks like chewee off star wars except really cute. We like to call him Jackson maria or just jack for short.
    Little did I know I sold my soul to the devil by saying yeah i will help you take care of him.
    Guess who walks him all of the time ME! and I am usually having to go chase him when he decides to run away. So many fun times.
    ON the flip side I love him.. he is an amazing funny and great dog.
    My brother even goes so far as to call him his best friend.

  3. Laura Wynn Says:

    aw, he is SO stinkin’ cute!! But, NO! No puppy for you! aha, at least not right now. You travel a LOT-it’s better for him this way 🙂

  4. gina Says:

    oh my goodness going there would have been trouble for me. we have two dogs, two cats and a hamster. i could adopt more dogs if it was nto for money.

  5. Cheray Says:

    ohhhh!! So adorable!!
    Don’t ask for my opinion though – I’m a complete sucker for pups! ❤
    We've had our dog for just over 5 years now and we do travel quite a bit (though not as much as you! jealous! hehe) but we've so far managed to have friends house/pup sit for us, which has been brilliant!
    that pup is just too cute!

  6. Kristen Nicholls Says:

    I hate to be the rain on your parade…but please oh please do not purchase a puppy from petland. They get their dogs from puppy mills…if you really want a dog, get one from a breeder, or better yet adopt! The only way to stop puppy mills is to stop purchasing from them…

  7. mct88 Says:

    OMG these pups look so adorable!!!

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