Friends – Real vs Internet

It’s so crazy to me how small the world gets because of the world wide web.  In 2010 it’s completely normal to carry on conversations with friends all day long that you’ve never actually met!! To people like my parents, this idea is totally crazy but for us avid Twitter fiends and Facebook addicts it’s completely normal.  Disclaimer:: I’m not saying you should throw caution to the wind and just meet lots of random internet peeps.  That’s creepy and….weird.  BUT I am saying that I’ve met a lot of wonderful people online and now they are friends in real life.  Over the past 48 hours I’ve spent time with real life friends and also those I’ve met through Twitter and I’m happy to report that they’re all completely rad.  Success on all fronts.

Chrissy (one of my best friends in the world who I met in real life and not over Twitter) took me out for sushi and gelatto two nights ago.  We went to Legacy Town Center in Plano.  It’s a hip and with it little shopping area pretty close to where we live.  Suh-weet!! We first got our sushi on at Ra Sushi.  YUMMY!! This raw fish was delish.  Muahah, a rhyme.  It was yummy and pink!! Crazy!

Somehow, we managed to eat three huge rolls and an order of fried Hawaiian wontons.  Oh straight heaven for your tastebuds. 

After sushi we needed dessert.  She knows me well.  Next door to Ra Sushi is Paciugo Gelato.  Mmm yummy! I had lavendar vanilla, seasalt caramel and wedding cake gelato.  Chrissy had gelato covered in chocolate.  It’s just about fall here in Texas (but it’s still hot) so we took our yummy treats to the fountain area.  Water!! With bright colors!! Happy girls.

(yep, that’s a bright green spoon in my mouth…I couldn’t put the ice cream down even for a picture)

I’m not exactly sure why our hands were in the air but it’s cool….we do what we want.  All in all, a great night with a dear friend. 

Last night was also a great time with some lovely people and I have Twitter to thank for it. 

(myself, Rand, Christy…in Dallas, TX!!)

Here’s the backstory on this trio:

I met Rand on Twitter about 6 months ago.  We realized we both lived in Dallas and met up for coffee one evening.  Boom….friends.

Rand met Christy on Twitter a long time ago.  He had a layover in California (where Christy lives) and she picked him up and took him to In and Out Burger while he had a few hours to spare.  Boom….friends.

Christy met me through Twitter about a month ago.  She was randomly coming to Texas and decided to drive down to Dallas to hang out and stay at my place for the evening.  We had dinner at Urban Taco in West Village and then some cupcakes (duh) at Dimples!! Afterwards we watched Harry Potter because, well, it’s awesome.   Boom….friends.

So yes, internet friends may seem weird but in reality I know more about my Twitter friends then some people I’m around often!! You get small glimpses into people’s lives on the internet and see what books they like, music they’re listening to, places they visit, food they’re eating, things that inspire them, church they attend… get the idea. 

It’s been a good week!! Oh, I’m headed to the Texas State Fair tomorrow with some ‘real’ friends.  Hehe.  Ok, they’re all real friends but you know what I mean. 

Enjoy your weekend!


7 Responses to “Friends – Real vs Internet”

  1. victoria Says:

    the three of you HAVE a lot of dimples. and it has nothing to do with cupcakes! 😉

  2. Laura Wynn Says:

    boom..friends. What a great way of putting it 🙂 Have a great time at the fair, and I hope you know you made me crazy jealous with sea salt gelatto! How could you?! 😉

  3. lovelylaylacooks Says:

    Sounds like you are very lucky to have found such great friends through the internet! And the food just seems to be delicious! Hope you enjoyed the fair!!

  4. mct88 Says:

    I’m finding my blogging commentors are becoming my good friends as well. It’s kinda funny when you think about it.

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