::The Fair::

Last weekend, we chose the rainiest day ever to explore the State Fair of Texas.  It was still fun!

We spent way too much money on tickets but I believe that’s part of the experience.  However, we did spend all of those tickets on yummy fair food and that is never a waste.

We waded through a billion people to get to the free food tasting lines.  My mind was blown by some candied jalapenos!  So good. 

We stopped at the car show and had no idea what was going on…clearly.

We fed the fake duckies…

…and the real baby giraffe.

And maybe we played on our cell phones just a teeny tiny bit.

Then took family photos under a huge elefante. 

Good day with some even gooder people. 
**Yes, I realize that ‘gooder’ is not a real word but today how about we put the grammar rules aside and just go with it.  Feels nice, eh?**

Disclaimer: I didn’t bring my camera along so I stole (like a fox in the henhouse) all of these pictures from my sweet friend Ashley’s facebook.  Womp womp.  Thanks, AB!!


7 Responses to “::The Fair::”

  1. Steph Says:

    Love the outfit, so cute! 🙂

  2. Digital Molly Says:

    OMG how FUN – loves it!

  3. Marliz3e Says:

    I heart the car show pic!! SO cute! =]

  4. mct88 Says:

    Aw, you pet a baby giraffe? I’m jealous!

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