Fleetwood’s Kit Kat

{some of the pretty cruiser bikes inside the shop}

Thank you Groupon for helping me find another local treasure that I didn’t know existed.  Meredith had the brilliant idea to get the Fleetwood Kit Kat Groupon, which allowed us to rent these beautiful cruiser bikes for only $10 each and play downtown for three hours. 

{I had the pretty yellow one}

{Mer had the pretty Fat Tire bike}

Neither one of us knew what to expect when we showed up at Kit Kat but I can honestly say it blew our expectations out of the water.  Don’t you love when that happens?  The people who work there are so nice and helpful…and just really rad people in general.  Plus, the shop dog is the cutest pup ever. They got us all hooked up and ready to hit the streets of downtown Dallas.

{the most perfect afternoon}

We sped off and were immediately loving the experience.  It was BEAUTIFUL outside (fall is finally here) and there were hardly any cars out because it was a Sunday afternoon.  Mer and I have a love of taking pictures so we did just that. 

{the infamous cows}

We got a tiny slap on the wrist from a local cop because we didn’t have helmets on.  Next time, I promise.  I realize how dumb it is to ride without them but we forgot ours at home that day.  (Ok, I don’t even have one BUT I’ll get one.  I promise!! Geez!)

{I could think of nothing clever to do here…plus, I didn’t want to get off of my bike because I was falling in love with it}

{safety first}

We took the bikes down to Cafe Brazil in Deep Ellum for some breakfast food.  They have the pumpkin pancakes out now! Glorious!! I decided against it (this time) and got a veggie omelette and snickerdoodle coffee.  Mer got some yummy french toast.  You really can’t go wrong at the Cafe de Brazil of awesomeness.  I’ll admit that it took 7.3 minutes to figure out how to work the bike lock so we could go in.  Those are some pesky little things.  But I finally broke it into submisson.

{all locked and happy}

After brunch, we rode down the street to Lula B’s.  We are both some antique shop lovin’ ladies and this place is never a disappointment.

{sorry Mer}

{Hammer time?  Oh, most def!}

{three piece patio set that I’m hoping will be mine soon…if the guy who put it on hold doesn’t show up tomorrow! come on, good luck!!}


After shopping, we had a few minutes left with our new best friends.  So we took more pictures.  Of course. 

{street art, good}

{biker gang}

{just expressing my love for Twitter and it’s little birdie.  you should totally follow me because well, I don’t know why, but you should because it’s fall and people do nice things when the weather is pleasant
–> @laura_elizabeth}


The afternoon was so delightful.  We smiled and laughed and popped a few wheelies (that’s a lie) and decided we needed cruisers of our very own.  The best part?  You can totally build and customize your bike! Even the seats are custom made.  I just spent 45 minutes on the website creating a mint green cruiser (with a basket and cupholder for your coffee) that I love.  Click here to design your own.

{we really were that happy}

Fleetwood’s Kit Kat organizes group rides throughout Dallas and they’re also having a grand opening party in the next few weeks.  You should go!! Or at least drop by and rent a bike.  It’s only $15 bucks an hour and totally worth it.  The bikes are bright beautiful colors with so much personality.  They’re for anybody that’s not afraid to make a statment.  Plus, they’re so fun!! Yea, I’m smitten.


10 Responses to “Fleetwood’s Kit Kat”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Fun! You keep making me think Dallas might be cool after all. ha ha.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  2. paislea Says:

    cuteeeee pictures! thanks for entering my blog giveaway!!


  3. mct88 Says:

    loved the pictures! Totally looks like so much fun!

  4. Meredith Says:

    YAY!!! It was soooo much fun!! Love you!

  5. Fleetwood Says:

    Hey thanks for writing such an interesting piece and taking all the pics. Our Villy Customs party is set for Nov. 20 so come on out and see us. Also, next time you are feelin’ it….come down to the shop……we are now offering free cruiser rentals anytime to anyone!!!

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