Life…Is That Enough?

Blogging is a funny thing.  You start off with these ideas of how your little slice of the internet is going to look and who you expect to be a part of it.  I’ve had Sunshine and Starlight for almost 6 months.  Happy half birthday, baby.  That blows my mind because it feels like so much longer.  My intentions were grand when I started blogging.  Let’s get real, most of my dreams are pretty grand and lofty.  I’m a go big or why even bother type of girl.  However, lately I’ve just written about what’s going on in my life because that’s easy.  You may or may not have noticed but I’m all over the place…literally.  It’s quite simple to post about the happenings of my life because my life is always moving, always changing, always evolving into something different than what it was yesterday. Go, go, go, take some pictures, then go some more.  That’s me in a sentence…if that’s possible.  Edit:: Go, go, go, eat a cupcake, take some pictures, then go some more.  Ok, that’s better.

One thing that’s so captivating about blogs is the writing.  It is an interesting thing, to peer into somebody’s mind and heart by the way they’ve chosen to arrange the letters found on their keyboard.  That amazes me.  So much can be expressed with so little. I’ve loved to express myself through words from the time I was born 29 short years ago.  There has been a lot packed into those years.  Sometimes I feel that I’ve lived enough for three lifetimes and mine isn’t even halfway over yet (hopefully).

So what exactly am I getting at?  I want to try something new with this cyber voice that I’ve created.  Not crazy new, just adding a different element every once in a while.  I want to write more and express more than the way I spend the hours of my day.  Are the details of my life enough?  Well I don’t know.  What do you think?  What is a blog supposed to be?  I want it to be the collection of memories and also a place to express my thoughts.  It seems that there’s a lot more sharing memories and not enough expressing the inner workings of my (sometimes crazy) brain.  I’m going to give myself a small goal.  A creative exercise where I write once or twice a week. Nothing too flashy and on no particular topic but just to write for the sake of putting letters into the order that I choose.

That’s it really.  As my friend Parker says so beautifully with the photo below:

You’re more than welcome to tag along.


16 Responses to “Life…Is That Enough?”

  1. Victoria (Batzy) Says:

    I cant wait to read those new posts 🙂
    That is one of the reasons why I’m getting my degree in translation, I want to be able to write more/a lot, and I can´t do that now because my grammar is so not good so, hopefully in a few months I will feel more comfortable to write personal posts in proper English and maybe a few words in Italian 😉

  2. Laura Wynn Says:

    I love it! What a great idea. Blogs really are so different for everyone, aren’t they? I guess that’s just because we are all so different! I look forward to reading your posts!! Happy Tuesday 🙂

  3. Laura Wynn Says:

    PS, that photo is ah-mazing

  4. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Count me in!

  5. Victoria (Batzy) Says:

    oh, I live in Tijuana, Mexico 🙂
    so I speak Spanish and I learned how to speak English by listening to music, I studied graphic design but I just started my BA in translation, I want to learn proper Spanish, English and Italian XD

  6. Rebekah Says:

    I guess your questions are somewhat rhetorical but I thought I’d respond to them anyway. 😉 It’s true that much of what you post has to do with your daily comings and goings, but one of the reasons I love following it is because you’re so expressive. It seems to me (from what little I know of you from your blog) that you’re someone who “lives out loud,” and I think you’re probably sharing more of yourself in these details than you realize. I don’t know what a blog is “supposed” to be, but I love what your blog is. That said if you want to open up more about the inner workings of your (sometimes crazy) brain, I would love to read that too. Definitely tagging along. 😉

  7. Cheray Says:

    Can’t wait to read what you come up with!
    Just sitting with a pen and paper and writing is one of the greatest things – especially if done late at night and/or if you’re slightly tired! I seem to always make the most sense at those times…
    Love your blog anyway, but will tag along for sure

  8. bookjunkie Says:

    Just Lovely!…coincidentally just today I was thinking about why and how I started blogging…’s amazing how words and how we string them together can reflect our personality….our voice 🙂

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