Pumpkins and Such

Well it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged and that’s because I’ve been so incredibly busy the past week.  I got back from Portland last night around midnight and came home to an apartment full of good friends.  They were in town for the evening and needed a place to crash so, of course, I welcomed them.

My heart and soul are so full from the beauty I was surrounded by the past week.  I’m still a little sleepy so this post will mainly be pictures from the past week.  Yes, I’m openly being lazy.  Forgive me.

I flew out last Wednesday and the days went by like a whirlwind as I balanced work and play. 

{view from the hotel}

On Thursday, I accompanied Karen James (one of the speakers at the Women of Faith event) to Mt Hood.  My job on the road has me accompanying our speakers and musicians to interviews outside of the conference.  This was a very unique and heartbreaking visit to Mt Hood, where we were met with video cameras and reporters.  You can read the entire Karen James story here. I’m still processing a lot of what happened that weekend but will probably write about it later on this week.  After the visit, I chose the long way back to the hotel.  Basically I got lost on purpose, knowing I would find this…

{iPhone photos of one of my favorite places in Oregon}

It was a much needed drive through beautiful country.  Plus, I hugged and kissed a tree to prove my devotion.  Pretty things capture my heart every time.  The remaining days in Portland were full of being surrounded by friends that I love, worship services that moved my spirit, working for a company that I admire and respect, a huge muddy disaster of a pumpkin patch, award worthy mustaches, hugs, the most amazing food you’ve ever experienced, coffee, lots of laughter, voo doo donuts, a few more hugs, walks through the city, new friends, reunions, a teary goodbye, and much more….

{First Thursday}

{coffee and good conversation}

{Portland Women of Faith…my favorite event to work every year}

{Taylor – we finally met in real life!  He’s a kind soul and a delight to be around.}

{Cha Cha Cha with Justin! My first ever Portland friend and somebody whose friendship and opinion I respect deeply.}

{Fall Party Day at the Wilder’s home and the pumpkin patch}

{Erin (she got cut off! NO!), Liz, Jamie, myself and Shawna at the pumpkin patch}

{fall yummy goodness}

{slay me with this perfection}

{muddy disaster and sadly my boots on the right didn’t survive}

{an entire hayride full of some of my favorite people in the universe}

{Emily Wilder and her perfect pumpkin.  This little lady opened up her home to so many of us (about 25 people!) and cooked for three days straight as she prepared for the fall party.  I asked if I could bring anything to contribute and she said that her and her adorable hubby have a budget for giving to other people so she didn’t want anything in return.  That’s amazing.  Seriously.}

{Josh Wilder – Emily’s man!!}

{Abe and his glorious mustache}

{Parker and Adam’s chin….HA!}


{Erin and Shawna – two gals that mean the world to me}

{Voo Doo Donuts and a sugar high}

{we chose this instead of sleep}

{Best donut choice ever! It’s so pretty!!!} 

This trip was so good for me.  I think the people in these photos (and some that weren’t showed) are some of the most selfless and loving people I’ve ever been around.  I love them deeply and cannot wait to go back.  I’ll admit it…I cried on the way back to Texas.  Not so much because I didn’t want to return home but mainly because I want the community in Dallas that my sweet friends have in Portland.  I just want to be a part of something like that and have no clue how to get there.  Sigh…one day.  Until I figure it out I’ll just dress like a Portlandian…

{the plaid…duh}

Hey Portland, I love you with the deepest parts of my soul and I’m so thankful for the time spent there because it awakens something in me.  I hope everyone has a place like that.  It’s lovely to be a part of.  I’m thankful for their willingness to accept me into their little family, even when I only have a few times a year to be a part of it.


17 Responses to “Pumpkins and Such”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Rough weekend to try to do something outside for sure. Nice call on Cha Cha Cha, love that place.

  2. Jenn Says:

    Uhm, You are beautiful! Thank you for sharing how you are feeling about community! I completely understand! I have 1 person I can go to where I am at now. Ugh! Anyway, I am praying that you find community & that it grows & envelops you in Texas!

    • sunshineandstarlight Says:

      Oh Jenn, thank you so much for your kind words. Community is something we have to fight for because it’s so unatural. Wait…did I spell that right? He! Anyways, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you have at least one person in your life to count on. It’s important.

  3. ~callee~ Says:

    It is so important to have community. We need someone to call at 2am when our world goes pear-shaped. It seems like you have that, even though they live in a different time zone. You’re all still there for each other. I do hope you find a few people in the DFW area that can be in community with you 🙂 It definitely helps keep a person grounded.

    • sunshineandstarlight Says:

      Good word, C!! I do have some lovely friends here in Dallas. However, it’s hard to really be invested. You are just a peach! 🙂 Muah!

      • ~ callee ~ Says:

        Pears…peaches…we’re going to have a whole fruit basket soon 😉 I do agree with what you said in the comment above. We have to fight to have community because it’s not in our nature. I’m a homebody and I’m not all that brave, but I sure got tired of being alone and in my own head all the time. So, I did something a little drastic and joined a small group at my church. Insta-community!

      • sunshineandstarlight Says:

        You joined a home group? Good for you!! I want to hear all about it!

  4. Kristen Nicholls Says:

    It’s my favorite city…I miss living there terribly…it is my home away from home! I can’t wait to head back and visit!

  5. donna norvell Says:

    Thanks for sharing your tender heart Laura! Love all of your pictures of beautiful Portland. What a blessing for you to spend time with Karen James. Her story was so moving.

    It was great to see you for a moment and get 2 hugs during the weekend! God has given you an amazing job with such special people and you are blessed and so are those who know you.

    Love ya much,

    donna 🙂 Prov. 3;5-6

  6. Digital Mom Says:


    Love the iphone pics – so glad you got to visit BUT sorry Portland folks us Texans don’t want to give Laura up!

  7. shawna Says:

    yo hot mamma!

    i didnt see anything about JayZ and his Hot Toddies!! bahaha..
    anways, love you sooo soo soo much! we must find a way for you to return sooner than later. =)

  8. Laura Wynn Says:

    *sigh* I definetly know what you mean about finding that kind of community. These shots are gorgeous! what happy and loving people all around. Beautiful.

  9. Cheray Says:

    Aww such lovely pics!
    Your friends in Portland seem incredible! Even if there is distance, it’s so wonderful to have people like that in your life!
    I’ve been working hard to try and find that group of people close to me… & it is getting there…
    slowly but surely

  10. Tigpan Says:

    I’m right there with you on community. I feel like it is an uphill battle I just get so tired of fighting. It is constantly on my heart and something I beg God for desperately. These pictures simply make me want to pack up and move! 🙂

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