Weekend With The Family

Last weekend I went to Kilgore to see my parents and little sister.  If you haven’t met them yet then just take my word for it when I say they’re really, really fun.  I was super excited because my pregnant little sister was in town and I hadn’t seen the baby bump yet! Eeee!! So, like any good aunt would do, I stopped on the way home and bought the baby girl some adorable clothes.  If she’s my niece then she’s going to be all kinds of spoiled.  Not that Erin and Ricky need my help but I’m happy to do it.  Go ahead and fast forward this if baby talk bores you.  If not, then check out the cuteness that I bought the little lamb.

{a tiny little fleece hoodie with EARS! ohemgee.}

{a cupcake shirt, of course}

{trying on the owl shirt! hoot!}

This was my first time to see the little babe! (Well, you know what I mean.)  So I introduced myself.

{Hi there! I love you!}

{Just look how cute my little sister is!}

So, rewind a few moments because when I first pulled up in the driveway THIS is what I saw!

{Yep, it’s a Harley.}

I was FREAKING out because I never know what new toy my parents will have at the house.  However, this didn’t actually belong to them but a friend who was in town visiting.  We call the Harley owner ‘Big Al’ and he was the best man in my parents wedding.  How cute.  Of course, my mom and I sweet talked Big Al into giving us each a ride through the woods.  My dad took pics of the whole thing.  Yea, it was awesome.

{my cute little mom and Al}

{My turn! Notice I’m holding his belt loop.  Not the brightest idea I’ve ever had.}

{I want one now.  Of course I do!! It’s awesome!}

{I don’t even mind the helmet hair…or the bunny ears.}

{Erin chose not to ride but she did an excellent modeling job!}

{Then it was time to drive all by myself!! Ok, just kidding.  Maybe one day.}

After that, we loaded up and headed to the brand new Kilgore, TX Corn Maze!  It was in the country and so much fun.  My parents did the honorable thing and trudged through the maze until an honest completetion.  Me and the sis tromped through the corn and made a path of our own.  Hey, you gotta get out somehow!! No, we didn’t harm a thing.  I promise.

{my mom and I in the maze…clearly}

{I caught Erin being a corn model.  I mean, how cute is she?!}

{My lovely little momma and I.  I’m not really sure why I’m hugging the corn.  Maybe it looked lonely.}

{Hopelessly lost.}

{Phew! We made it out alive.}

{wrinkly reject punkins!}

{It’s not fall without pumpkin pictures!!}

{Yep, more pumpkins.}

It was such a fun weekend.  My family is the BEST!! Plus, my mom made me pumpkin muffins and they were delicious.  I’ll try and post the recipe later.  They’ll be a special little treat for you to make and munch on.  Mmmmm!! I’m headed to see Sufjan Stevens tonight!! Then off to San Antonio, TX tomorrow for another weekend working at Women of Faith.  {ilovemyjob} So fun.  Bye bye, for now!


5 Responses to “Weekend With The Family”

  1. Rand Says:

    Go Harley or go home.

  2. shawna Says:

    that last photo is of those lovely fairytale pumpkins! ahh, i want some!

  3. bookjunkie Says:

    You’re such a good sister and aunt 🙂

  4. 79leslie Says:

    I love the “Blue Steel” look your sis has when she’s on the Harley. Awesome!

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