Voo-Doo Donuts

Glorious!! The following moment was captured by my good friend Tyler Gould‘s iPhone.  He doesn’t let one moment go undocumented.  No, it was not planned.  No, I was not under the influence of anything but Portland love and happy vibes. Yes, my friends really are this awesome.  Plus I’ll admit, I love being on camera.  Yep, I’m totally that girl.  I mean hello, we’re at Voodoo Donuts!  That place is fantastic!


7 Responses to “Voo-Doo Donuts”

  1. Erin Tang Says:

    Please tell me this was after some REAL food…and not you breakfast!!!

  2. Glass*Plant Says:

    HA HA I have never seen anything like that! Those are crazy. I would have been there holding out for that blue one as well! Yum.

  3. Cheray Says:

    hahahaha! You’re so cute!!!
    I love that you’re having a sugar high so late (or would that be so early? hmm) & that you chose the prettiest donut there!
    Your friends seem amazing! (and so are you! yay!)
    ❤ x

  4. Thoughts Appear Says:

    Those donuts look awesome!

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