Music = Good (very good)

I forgot how much joy my heart gets from seeing and hearing live music.  Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen two of the most incredible and creative shows.  Man, these artists are unreal. Sufjan Stevens came to Dallas a few weeks ago and I smiled the entire time I watched him.  OK, I only stopped smiling once but it was when I realized he was playing his last song. However, the entire time before that I was totally geeking out.  I borrowed the YouTube clip below so you could see one of my favorite parts of the concert.  Nobody could keep from dancing…even the ushers.  So good and so fun. Perfect.

Last week I headed to the great city of Austin, TX to see Jonsi of Sigur Ros.  Oh my word.  I really did think that Jesus was coming back during the encore.  It was such an intensely creative and beautiful moment.  My heart literally could not take a second longer before I just knew it would stop.  I cried.  It’s true.  My new friend Jeremy made the video below to document the goodness we all experienced.  I’ll admit the sound doesn’t do it justice but the visuals are stunning.

Mumford and Sons will be in Dallas this week.  I was slow on the trigger (is that the saying?) and didn’t think to buy tickets until it was TOO LATE!! So now I’m pretty much begging anybody I know to bring me along.  Hey, I’m a great concert date.  Seriously.  Like…..the best ever.  What I’m saying is if you’re going then you should take me.  No shame in asking.  I can’t miss it.  It’s too good.  Watch the video below and you will soon understand why it’s imperative for the well being of my soul that I’m at this show.  *smile*

Have you seen any good shows lately?  If so, let me know!  Music makes my heart happy and the world a better place.


2 Responses to “Music = Good (very good)”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    I love music and a good concert, and I would have loved to have seen both of those shows! I saw Sigur Ros a few years back, so I guess that helps a little. ha ha.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been to many shows lately, though I did catch a great one from Eisley not long ago, and I’ll see them again in November. 🙂 That’s also a show you should totally go to! It’s basically at the Palladium.

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