Weekend at Home…

…weird huh?  I’m rarely in Dallas for an entire weekend but the past few days have been swell.  Fall is officially here!!  I used my darling iPhone to capture some moments from the weekend.  Enjoy!

{mumford and sons concert on thursday.  this show ruined me and now i can’t stop thinking about the beauty that we witnessed there.  this is a concert you cannot miss.}

{received a thoughtful letter in the mail from Jamie with this adorable bicycle pin. i also went on a short bike ride this weekend.  so fun.}

{finally finished this fall inspired wreath for my little dwelling area. this is what happens when you don’t watch television.}

{gorgeous flowers….from the sweetest fella}

{dallas arboretum pumpkin village–  it’s open until november 14 and is absolutely magical. you have to see it.}

{over 40,000 pumpkins were used to decorate the arboretum gardens}

{four fairytale inspired houses built out of pumpkins/gourds. gourds is such a silly word.}

{a darling little cottage at the arboretum. like!}

{hau. a pretty little teepee at the arboretum.}

{sushi contest. me vs stephen. i lost.}

{i may have lost the ‘sushi off’ but i did make a lot of new friends. win.}

{the ladies at MAC talked me into giving up my chapstick for lady gaga lipstick.  at least for now.  it’s true.}

{here it is.  we’ll see how long this lasts.}

It really was lovely.  I won’t be back in Dallas for another weekend until December.  Whoa momma.  I’m headed to Greensboro, NC on Thursday! It will be nice to be back on the road after a two week break.  Have I mentioned how much I love having an extra hour of sleep?  Delicious.  I do.  Hope your weekend was fan-frippin-tastic.


9 Responses to “Weekend at Home…”

  1. Digital Mom Says:

    Needing more details on certain items above. I won’t point fingers and highlight – YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED DEETS ON.

    mucho love…

  2. Laura Wynn Says:

    Sounds like such a great weekend! Love that arboretum! Awesome.

  3. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Um, flowers?! Yay :-} And also, very pretty lipstick, but that pales in comparison to the FLOWERS!!!!

  4. lesliesays Says:

    Girl! You got GREAT seats to M&S! I couldn’t believe how close you were. I am jealous that I didn’t get to go

  5. Cheray Says:

    What lovely flowers!
    And I want a cottage made from pumpkins!!! and a teepee! Sooooo cute!!!
    Sounds like a perfect weekend

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