Greetings from Hartford

Hello there! I’m currently sitting in a downtown Hartford, CT Starbucks enjoying the Christmas blend coffee and listening to a mixture of The Black Keys and S. Carey.  Bliss.  Did I mention it’s **SO COLD** here?  THe “**” were supposed to be snowflakes.  That was to help you understand how cold it is here for a tiny little Texan.  Oh, I love it, don’t you worry.  It gives me an excuse to wear things like:

{me + fingerless gloves + bright colors}

Want to know what I was doing at 7 am ET this morning?  Being interviewed on the FOX News morning show with Andy Andrews.  Blaaaaargh, I’m trying to link up Andy’s name so you could visit his website but it’s not letting me do it.  Maybe later or I could do this –> (Seriously, check him out!) Aaaaanyways, we chatted about Women of Faith and why the event was in town and how awesome it is (and why YOU should go!).  Andy is one of the nicest/most hyperactive guys and a great speaker so I’m glad he was there to steal the show and calm my nerves.  TV freaks me out just a bit…maybe because I don’t watch most of it. 

Blast! It’s 5:27 and I have to be back at work in 3 minutes.  We go until 10:00 tonight so needless to say this is one long day.  Thank goodness it’s fun or I would be a grumpy panda right now.  Adios!! Send some energetic vibes my way because I’m feeling a sleepy moment coming on.


4 Responses to “Greetings from Hartford”

  1. 79leslie Says:

    Have an amazing time!! Enjoy the weather (and bring some back with you!)

  2. Maryam Says:

    i love those gloves…will there be a link to your telly performance? I’m sure you were great 😀

  3. Cheray Says:

    Super cute gloves!!
    I want to see you on tv!
    Sending lots of sugar-high vibes your way (i’m baking cookies you see, just pretend you’re eating my ridiculously sugar filled cookies & you’ll be A-ok!)

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