Alright, freak out over with.  I’ve been in the land of impossible cell phone service and limited internet connectivity since last Wednesday.  I drove the two quick hours home to the place I grew up for Thanksgiving.  Yes, I grew up in the woods.  Don’t believe me?  Well take a look at some of the pics below from my parent’s house….the place where I spent my formative years.

{the playhouse my dad built}

{I think it’s magic}

{rope swing}


{where my imagination was cultivated}

It was such a wonderful holiday.  I always love going home to my parent’s house.  It’s beautiful, smells good, has the most comfie beds ever and is always full of good food.  I’m talking home cooking…none of this TV dinner mess.  Plus, my family is awesome.  They’re super funny and don’t even think about waking up before 10 am when you’re there.  Oh man, it’s heaven.


{this is Bailey…the dog my sister conveniently left at my parent’s house when she moved out}

{and this is Jade, the dog i conveniently left. whoops!}

{my dad!! he runs the place and i adore him}

It’s always fun going back to east TX because I get to catch up with good friends that I’m not able to see very often.  My friend Patrick just got a Harely so yea, I took advantage of that with the small amount of time available.  Disclaimer: he’s pretty cool without the motorcycle BUT it adds to the cool factor juuuuuuust a little.

{purr….pretty motorcycle}

{this is why it’s smart to not burn bridges with ex-boyfriends because sometimes they end up with fun toys}

I always love going out to Patrick’s parent’s house because it’s just
bee-yu-tiful and his fam is great.  I spent some time running about while the boy (I mean man) shined every inch of that bike.  No, he really did.  I’m talking 45 minutes worth but I can’t really blame him.  Plus, I like taking iPhone pics when I’m in pretty places (in case you hadn’t noticed) so I kept myself busy.

{tis pretty there}

Yes, I got to ride the motorcycle AFTER it was all shiny and stuff.  I’m already plotting my next visit where I can spend a few more hours on that Harely.  It’s so fun….srsly.

{modeling my new anthropologie sweater, of course}

Back at my family’s house, I helped my mom decorate the trees after a short fiasco.  We thought a squirrel had used the tree as it’s personal toilet when it was in storage because that thing had a funky stench coming out of the attic.  Luckily, we realized it was just an electrical malfunction with the lights (after my mom and dad crawled under the tree and wiped every branch with lysol, ha!!).  They cut out the lights, added some more and the tree was as good as new.

{yay, Christmas!!!}

I’ve gotta applaud my mom.  She cooked for our family, all of the extended family that came into town for my sister’s baby shower, decorated and took care of the shower.  Whoo! That makes me tired just thinking about it.  When the rest of my family got into town we piled into two vehicles and drove to Santa Land to see the lights.

{cutie pie cousins}

{Santa Land}

My family has the strongest southern accent you can possibly imagine.  I’ve worked really hard to leave that behind and I’ve done a purdy good job, if I say so myself.  On the way to Santa Land, in a car full of family, I told my 9 year old cousin Rachelle that I may not have enough money to get all of us in and asked what she thought we should do.  Without hesitation and in the craziest little Texas accent EVER she responds…

“When we get up there just strip down naked and start running!”


I was dying.  Well we survived Santa Land (fully clothed) and even ran into some close friends.  That happens in east TX, ya know.  You’re always running into people.  It’s nice. 

On Sunday, my little sister had her first baby shower!! Look how ADORABLE she is! I swear, it’s impossible for this girl to look bad.  It was a blast seeing close friends and family and ooo’ing and aah’ing at the pink explosion of baby gear.  Little E left with some serious swag.

{stylish baby momma – Erin}

We had a wonderful holiday and I hope you did as well.  I came home to Dallas on Sunday afternoon and immediately started decorating my little cozy living space.  I’m pretty smitten with how it turned out.  Colors, yummy candles, pretty lights and Christmas cheer everywhere.  It almost makes me want to be a home-body.  (Is that how you spell that?)

{there’s a lot more where this came from….but later}

Currently listening to Iron and Wine and Deathcab for Cutie on vinyl, reading a book, journaling a bit then calling it a night.  Just in case you were wondering.  Goooooooodnight!


7 Responses to “THANKSGIVING!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    That first tree reflection the water = Win!

    Also, I love getting to go back out into open, less developed areas. I think playing outside and away from so much civilization helped my imagination so much. My mind still runs wild when I get back out in it.

    Thanks for another inspiring and entertaining blog post chock full of cool pictures!

  2. Kim Says:

    I want to adopt Bailey and Jade so cute. Nice blog post

  3. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Ahhhh! That looks like a wonderful trip! Love love LOVE the picture of the old chair propped against the tree *swoon*

  4. Cheray Says:

    adorable! 🙂
    Your childhood home looks incredible! The woods really are magical! ❤
    Looks & sounds like you had a wonderful time lovely

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