The Epic Kitchen Takeover

I’ve said this before, but one of the most rewarding parts of my job is the ability to spend time with some of the most fabulous older women on the planet.  I try to be around them as much as I can — to listen to, tell stories with, ask advice, laugh with, get hugs from, etc.  Not only are they wise and joyful and inspire you in your faith but they’re just plain entertaining to be around!

{Nicole, Luci and myself with the pretty flowers we brought her}

Nicole and I offered to cook dinner at Luci Swindoll’s house for her and Mary
.  We referred to it as ‘The Epic Kitchen Takeover’ and yes, it was that indeed.  Mary and Luci had no idea what to expect or what was on the menu.  I think they were just a teensy bit nervous.  Whoops.  Nicole and I (but mostly Nicole, let’s get serious) prepared a yummy multiple course meal (cheese, crackers, grapes, baked salmon with cheese, garlic bread, green beans, rice pilaf, mixed greens salad, and chocolate fondu) and we had a memorable night that went on for hours.  We laughed and told stories and ate a lot of food….boy, did we eat.  I love these ladies very very triple very much. 

{Luci, myself and Mary}

We had the camera out and ready to capture a few moments.  Some of the pictures aren’t that clear but you get the general idea.  It’s easy to see the fun that we had even if the pictures aren’t perfect.  *smile*

{serving up the goodness}

{Luci had decorated the house beautifully and hand made our name cards}

{the silly pictures begin with the fondu pointer thingies}

{don’t worry, it’s organic}

{ow ooooow}


I’m thankful for every moment spent with these ladies.  They make me want to live a fuller life and to seize every opportunity and make it beautiful.  I pray I can be as half as impactful as they’ve been on the world by the time I’m their age.  Incredible. Plus, their love for life and the Lord is contagious.  To say they’re a blessing is an understatement.


2 Responses to “The Epic Kitchen Takeover”

  1. donna norvell Says:

    I know we are not to be envious or jealous but I have to admit that I am just a bit! 🙂 God has given you such a special privilege to be around women like Luci and Mary and I know you are blessed more than words can express.

    I also know that Mary and Luci are blessed to be with you and Nicole as you just light up a room.

    Thanks for sharing your special evening. Love and hugs! 🙂 Eph. 3:20

    PS Did you happen to see that the Oregon Ducks will be playing for the National Championship! 🙂

  2. Danielle Says:

    Oh man. I miss Mary so much. When you see her, please tell her that she’s my hero 🙂

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