Christmas Festivities + Goals Met = Weekend

This weekend was fun, fun, fun!! Here’s the recap in pictchas! Ok, this is really just half of Saturday in pictchas but it was a good 1/2 that deserves an entire blog post.  Here we go!

{met my friend Richard at the bus station EARLY (ok, 9:00 am but that’s early for me on a weekend) and we headed to downtown Dallas}

{i was a total creeper & snapped a pic of this pretty little lady on the bus}

{got caffeinated:: you don’t find this at Starbucks}

{watched the downtown Dallas Christmas parade! so so fun!}

{Richard is a genius & brought down chairs from his apartment for us to stand on so we could see….perfect}

{Richard’s amazing downtown loft….this man can decorate like you wouldn’t believe}

{his skills led to this…..finally painting my living room, with Richard’s help!!}

{i love it!!}

{my cozy little home}

{oh & i got Christmas PEZ from my secret santa at work today….smile}

It’s a good feeling meeting goals you’ve set for yourself.  I shall do it more often.



11 Responses to “Christmas Festivities + Goals Met = Weekend”

  1. Stéphanie Says:

    Lovely pictures !

  2. Maryam Says:

    oh I lerv lerv lerv the color of your walls! So great! Ps, I love that your blog is snowing ❤

  3. Cheray Says:

    What gorgeous pics lovely!!
    Your walls look soooo lovely!! That’s the greatest colour!
    And your home does indeed look super cozy! ❤
    love your friends style too! (& bringing chairs down to see more then just the back of others heads! Genius!)
    Hope you're having a wonderful week

  4. christin Says:

    cute pics as always! where do this friend Richard of yours live in downtown? so i STILL have never been to that parade and i live like right there!… dang! gotta meet that goal next year!

    .. and i too love that wall color of yours! beautiful!

    • sunshineandstarlight Says:

      You would love the parade. It’s a good downtown Dallas activity. You know how we are about Dallas. 😉 He lives at 1300 Elm I believe. Some loft apartments down that way. Super close to your place. I LOVE that new coffee shop below you! LUCKY!

  5. Melanie T Says:

    awesome images! glad you got stuff done…always feels nice.

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