whoa whoa WHOA!!

Seriously, where does the time go? And who is in charge of making the days FLY BY during the holidays? I would prefer more of a snail’s pace to fully soak in the beauty of the season but let’s get real….that isn’t happening. 

{i love Christmas}

I guess I should probably share what’s been keeping me entirely busy the past week.  Hold on…it’s fast and furious and you’ll probably need a nap after reading/viewing/seeing.  Merry merry Christmas-time!!

{i received the most beautiful package from my dear friend, Carli.  she handmade pretty much everything!! check out her beautiful work here.}

{a Christmas lollipop from my secret santa and a shirt i got from the lovely Red Velvet girls}

{my dear friend Hanna won tickets for us to see the grinch! it was fantastic and so is she.}

{a special grinch drink aptly named ‘the green meanie’.}

{the winspear opera house…where we watched the grinch.}

{my pretty new turquoise wall that i’m in love with.}

{many coffee dates….}

{…with good friends like Rand.}

{got a pretty shower curtain in the mail from UO…swoon.  i had the other one for ten years.  the leopard had to go!}

{more coffee.}

{spent a few nights at home listening to my newest records.  currently spinning MGMT.}

{Christmas parties and Christmas lights with some of my favorite people.}

{the battle with my shower curtain…i won.}

{an 80’s themed skating party.

{more pictures of the skate party coming later…they’re pretty special.}

{cookies i made for the nursing home down the street from my apartment.  i will do this more often.  it gave me such joy to deliver them and see how happy they were from something as simple as chocolate chip cookies.  find a way to serve others….it’s one of the truest joys life can offer.}

{craft fair and a mustache….clearly.}

{spent a perfect afternoon at the craft fair with Courtney.  she is good for my heart and my soul.}

{i’m sure i drove Courtney mad snapping pics but i-just-can’t-stop!!}

{all of the shops decorated their store fronts according to their favorite Christmas movie…..adorable.}

{spent another magical evening with the lovely Luci Swindoll and Nicole.  these moments are priceless to me.  i love sitting with Luci and listening to her talk about life and impart wisdom that is worth more than gold.  i wouldn’t trade these times for anything.  she talks about her love for Jesus and how He has worked in her life for 78 years….it’s amazing and i’m thankful for her friendship.}

{warm and cozy christmas decor! i’m keeping mine up until it’s not cold anymore.  oh, i’ll do it.}

Phew…that was fun.  I forget how much I enjoy blogging when I go a few days without it.  Isn’t it strange how we so easily forget the things we enjoy?  I will never fully get life….but I guess we aren’t supposed to, yet.

Oh, I will also say that I’m now COMPLETELY HOOKED on instagram.  It’s much like Twitter but with pictures.  Plus, the community it’s built around is wonderful and addicting and so much fun.  Are you an instagrammer? If so….find me @laura_elizabeth.   

Gotta run! It’s ladies night and that means trouble. *wink*


9 Responses to “whoa whoa WHOA!!”

  1. ~ calista ~ Says:

    I love love love those giant granny square afghans. I am currently crocheting one. They’re so much fun and so warm and toasty.

  2. Cheray Says:

    Look at those amazing coffee dates! 🙂 🙂
    That’s it – I’m coming to visit you!
    So lovely of you to bake cookies & take them down to the nursing home – seriously amazing Laura 🙂
    It all looks like more fun then I can put words too!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Seriously I think you and your friends seem like some of the funnest, coolest, awesomest people 🙂 I wish we lived closer!

  4. bookjunkie Says:

    love your blouse with the pintucks…so pretty 🙂 Merry Christmas

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