Like I mentioned earlier, I went to an 80’s themed roller skating party last weekend and had an absolute blast.  Did anybody else spend a huge chunk of their childhood at the local skating ring?  That’s the first place I ever heard ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ and where I learned that it was awesome to skate faster than the boys.  So great. 

{we won the costume contest!}

{Leslie, myself and the glorious birthday cake}

{yes, I had all of this in my closet already}

{my pretty little friends}

{oh just the most awesome party favors ever}

{gorgrous sunset leaving the skating rink…it’s pretty fun to type skating rink}

Yes, one of the best birthday parties ever!!


6 Responses to “-sk8t-”

  1. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Fun!!!!! I can’t seem to get skating right. I usually end up flat on my face :-}

  2. Erin Tang Says:

    Yeah…you TOASTED not only any boy willing to race you….but anyone…any age…..any time!!! I think you could have been an olympic skater…(Kilgore College curvy bridge)

  3. Cheray Says:

    I used to love skating!
    I remember my first roller skates were yellow…& plastic! hahaha they had an annoying bell and i would “skate” (drag my plastic covered feet) over our bumpy driveway pretending I was a skating superstar! 🙂
    congrats on winning the costume contest – amazing 80’s outfit!
    and those sunsets you’ve been capturing are just incredible!
    Happy holidays lovely xxx

  4. thoughtsappear Says:

    What an awesome idea for a theme party! Great outfits!

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