So…I Have An Announcement

I’ve been going back and forth in my mind for a while now about getting a part-time gig for a little extra money.  However, I didn’t want to work just anywhere.  I’m so darn busy that I wanted it to be a place I enjoy….and that stirs my creativity.  Basically I wanted a part-time job that would serve more as a hobby than viewing it only as work. 

 (I’m not quitting my job at Women of Faith…no way, man!! I love it there WAY too much! Now that that’s settled…..)

Aaaaaanyways….the other day I was floating about the Shops At Legacy (an adorable shopping center SUPER close to my apartment and office) and saw they were putting in a brand new URBAN OUTFITTERS! Let me just say that I’m in love with the clothes, style, and culture of the good ole UO.  Pretty clothes, new friends, opening a brand new store, discount on dresses AND a place that inspires. 

So…I applied…I interviewed…I start in two weeks.  Hooray! It’s a small victory but I’m excited about it.  Yes, I really am.  So come say hello! We’ll open in a few short weeks. 

{We Heart It}


11 Responses to “So…I Have An Announcement”

  1. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Awesome!!!! Good for you :-}

  2. Laura Wynn Says:

    Dude!! So rad! Congrats, that should be so fun!

  3. Cheray Says:

    Congrats lovely!! Super exciting news! I love UO – especially all of their incredible cameras!
    Good luck and have fun xxx

  4. 79leslie Says:

    I might be moving into those apartments within the next 6
    months! Cra-zay!! I will have to pop in when/if I move out there

  5. Denielle Hoover Says:

    I love that shopping center, and when my lease is up I’m
    looking at moving to that area!!! Congratulations on the new job,
    UO is AWESOME and very fitting for you! Maybe I’ll see you next
    time I go to the Shops!

  6. Meredith Says:

    You got the job! You got the job!

  7. Shawty Raunch Says:

    Flipping awesome! Employee discount…. Yummy:)

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