Austin, TX New Year!

I was planning on a roadtrip to Nashville, TN for New Years but decided that may not be the best idea right now….for a number of reasons.  So what’s a TX girl to do to ring in the New Year? Umm….take a quick three hour journey to Austin, TX!! Some of my dearest friends live there and I think a low key holiday is just what I need at the moment. 

{We Heart It}

I’m looking forward to hot cocoa, dressing up with my best friend from college, staying up entirely too late, sleeping in, thrifting, coffee with Carli and John, pretty music, yummy food and everything else in between.

I hope your Christmas and New Year’s have been amazing so far.  Nothing makes me happier than a holiday of good memories.  I’ll be back in a few days!


3 Responses to “Austin, TX New Year!”

  1. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! Hugs and kisses from CA!

  2. 79leslie Says:

    Have a cupcake from HeyCupcake! for me while you’re there

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