RIP 2010

It seems that New Years Eve will usually come and go and your expectations are never met.  However, this year I had no expectations at all and I have to say that I had the best-time-ever.  The majority of my time was spent catching up with my very best friend from college (Jamie) and with my newest dear friend (Carli).  Alright…I know why you’re here. 

Behold….the photos of my New Years escape to Austin, TX and a few Christmas pics I failed to load earlier.  There’s just not enough hours in the day, ya know? *smile*

{my little sister and the new nursery}

{a pre Christmas dinner at my sister’s husband’s Chinese restaurant}

{JENGA with Drew}

{the most epic Jenga tower ever….ever}

{mom, dad and Ricky (my sister’s husband)}

{lunch in the park with my little sis}

{i painted my nails and stuff}

{lunch with my parents before heading back to Dallas}

OK…and now I shall bring to you the Austin pics.  I take a lot of pictchas with my iPhone.  Surely this can’t be too bad of a thing!

{the roadtrip begins…but first, the annoying fuel up}

{Hey Cupcake in Austin, TX}

{dinner with Carli on South Congress}

{why yes, everything really is bigger in Texas}

{AUGH!! A rabid beaver! Run for your life!! Jamie works at Cabela’s so there’s always fun things to find there. Hehe.}

{exploring the streets of Austin}



{my new vintage flats}

{hehe – playing in the Austin shops with Carli}

{Carli and I with our iPhones…we’re never without them…it’s true}

{It was a perfect day…}

{…for a run}

{Ok fine…Carli ran 7 miles and I walked and took photos}

{New Years night was filled with perfect timing, a cold night overlooking the city skyline, convo with my best friend Jamie and…}

{the best view in the entire city for fireworks!}

{i took a lot of photos.  told you we had a front row seat.}

{best friends for almost 13 years!! I love Jamie!!}

{carli’s beautiful home office! She’s a talented photographer and designer.  see her work at}

{we pretty much have the best time when we’re together}

{i spent the last few hours wandering the lovely streets taking pictures}

{falling down the rabbit hole….}

{more coffee before the long drive home…}

{4 hours later and i was home sweet home and greeted by my new 1952 typewriter!! i love her!}

I had the most amazing time just laughing and talking and spending time with two of my favorite people on the planet.  Good friends are worth more than anything. I’m thankful Jamie and Carli are mine. I hope your holiday was faaaaaantastic!! I’m off to unpack now. My place is CA-RAZY!!!


18 Responses to “RIP 2010”

  1. Maria Says:

    IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAD LOADS OF FUN. i saw all of these photos already but i’m glad you enjoyed yourself pretty<3

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Looks like such a blast~ I love all the amazing shots you took!

  3. jamie Says:

    Oh, looks like soooo much fun!!!! Love, love it!!! Glad your new year is off to a great start! It’s back to work tomorrow for me. Thinking of you this past week as I drank hot tea and coffee from my favorite mug everrrrrrr. 😉
    I hope a visit to this area is on your goal list for 2011. Love youuuu! xo

  4. Ashley Says:

    I adore these photos! It looks like you had an incredible
    time! And I love all things Texas!

  5. Stéphanie Says:

    Nice pictures ! Happy new year !

  6. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Love these pictures! Love how much fun you had! Happy New Year! Can I just say that I’m a little envious that the price of gas is so much cheaper {it’s $3.25 here}? Because I am. Just a little.

  7. 79leslie Says:

    I’m in love with all of it! Well, except for the pic of the fish with the teeth…I do NOT love that!

  8. Cheray Says:

    Happy New Year!! 🙂
    Looks like you had an amazing trip – hope 2011 is everything you wished for (and then some more!)

  9. Melanie T Says:

    LOVE these photos! Looks like you had absolute fun! Oh and walking is better than doing nothing.

  10. johnny Says:

    i like it

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